Trends: Popular Party Themes for Girls.  Today I’m sharing some popular party themes for Girls.  Be sure to check out all out Girl’s Party Ideas and Inspiration.


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Looking for some party inspiration for your little girl?  Today I’m highlighting some of our most popular party themes for girls. Bust out your glitter and your lace…this is gonna be some girly, girly fun!!

Princess Party

Hands down, princess is the most requested birthday theme for little girls.  While a princess party is popular in and of itself, there are tons of ideas and and unique ways to throw an awesome princess party.

IMG_8690There are even sooo many different princesses.  Here are some awesome princess parties and syles to choice from:

Frozen Party

Frozen Birthday Party: Olaf themed Frozen Birthday. Do you want to build a snowman?  If you have a little cutie who is obsessed with Frozen, why not throw a Olaf themed birthday party?  This party is full of fun and easy DIY ideas for a Frozen birthday party. #frozen #olaf #elsa #girl #birthday #party #parties #partyideas #birthdayparty #diy #printable #crafts

So unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you no doubt know that frozen is all the rage right now.  While it is technically also a princess party theme, with its winter wonderland aspects…it is its own special kind of princess party.  And little girls LOVE it.

Art Party

Who doesn’t love an art party?  Remember watching Bob Ross as a kid?  Well Bob Ross themed parties are all the rage right now!  You can set up an adorable art themed party with some Bob Ross flair and score major points with your tween girls!  Check out the adorable Bob Ross and Friends Party Supplies. They even have some free printables to go along with the decorations.  Who doesn’t feel the need to paint some happy little trees??

Candy Land Party

This theme is as classic as the board game that inspired it.  Little girls (and little boys too) will love all the amazing Candy themed treats and details.  One of my favorite ideas for this theme is, of course, a candy bar filled with brightly colored and super sugary candy treats.  It’s a fun way to make your own candy land!!

Sunshine Party

Sunshine Party: 10 You Are My Sunshine Parties you will LOVE. Looking for some awesome sunshine party ideas. Sunshine and bright colors make for the perfect springtime birthday party.  Today I'm sharing some simply adorable Sunshine Birthday Parties. Be sure to check out all of our Sunshine Party Ideas and Inspiration.

This theme is sweet and one of my very favorite themes for one and two year old girls.  It is an especially perfect theme if you and your special little one share that sweet “you are my sunshine” song.

Strawberry Shortcake

I think my favorite part of a Strawberry Shortcake theme is that I used to love Strawberry Shortcake when I was little.  I love watching my little girls love something I loved so much too. Isn’t that awesome!!


Ballerina Party

This theme is perfect for any little ballerina girl.  One of the awesome aspects of of this theme, is that you can find a lot of dance studios that will host birthday parties. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the little girls in their tutus dancing altogether??  Too cute!

Spa Party

This theme is especially great if you have older girls.  How about turning your house into a spa and treating your little girl and her friends to a relaxing and fun spa day!


Wouldn’t that be a blast. It is also a great way for them to all feel special and pampered and beautiful together!!

Mermaid Party

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This is an especially great theme in the summer time when you can hang out at the pool, beach or lake.  Do you have a pretty little mermaid who loves to splash her tail.  There are so many wonderful under the sea party ideas you can incorporate into a mermaid party too.

Hello Kitty Party

There is just something about that pretty little kitty that makes little girls get excited!  Hello Kitty is definitely a super popular theme for little girls.  I am always amazed at the colors schemes and patterns and ideas that people have using Hello Kitty.

Looking for some fun Hello Kitty Party Ideas? This fun party has awesome Hello Kitty decorations and ideas for a Hello Kitty birthday! #hellokitty #party #parties #partyideas #diy #girls #kids #birthday

Including my personal favorite…the NERD Hello Kitty.  I mean, isn’t everything better nerdy??