Trends: Popular Party Themes for Boys (Part 1).  Today I’m sharing some popular party themes for Boys.  Be sure to check out all out Boy’s Party Ideas and Inspiration.Popular themes for Boys 1

Looking for some party inspiration for your little boy?  Today I’m highlighting some of our most popular party themes for boys.  It’s time to use the force and build a party!!!

Star Wars Party

So this may or may not be my favorite theme EVER…just saying.  Whether it’s your “May the FOURTH be with you”, “Revenge of the FIFTH”, or just plain old JEDI training birthday…this theme is awesome and there are SOOOOO many things that can be done with it.  Seriously….it’s out of this world!!
starwars tablescape

Minecraft Party

It’s no wonder this is such a popular party theme, since the game is so very awesome.  My favorite part about this theme is definitely how easy it is to put together, since all the pieces are squares….endless possibilities!!unnamed (14)

Fireman Party

Sound the alarm!!!  This party is on FIRE!!!  Have a little fireman in training?  This theme is hot, hot, hot!!!!  Plus, bonus points if you have a REAL fire truck!!!  Firemen=winning!!

Fireman Party: Romain's Party is on Fire-Mimi's Dollhouse

Here is an AMAZING Fireman Party to check out.  Trust me…it’s worth it!!

Circus Party

Have a little one who loves clowns or circus animals?  There are so many amazing ideas you can do with a circus party.  Besides, who doesn’t like a party where you can serve peanuts and popcorn??

Farm Party

Let’s get down and dirty on the farm with a fun farmer or farm animals party.  This theme is especially great for little boys or areas where you have a great outdoor location for your party.

Sports Party

What little boy doesn’t like sports? (Ok I’m sure there are some…but for the most part, this is a sure bet theme!!)  Whether your little man is into baseball, basketball, soccer, football or all the above, there are amazing party ideas and themes out there to match.


Here are a few great sports parties to inspire your creativity.

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