Christmas Crafts: Thank You Santa Card.  Looking for a special little way to have your child say thank you for all the Christmas Joy? How about Some FREE Santa Thank You cards?  Be sure to check out all of our Christmas Ideas and Inspiration.

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Christmas is a big deal in our house.  Everything from reading about Jesus’ birth to leaving out cookies from Santa, we like to do it all.  Each year I try to focus on different aspects of celebrating Christmas with my girls, and this year, I really wanted to instill in them the idea of gratitude.  They are so blessed in so many ways and there are so many wonderful friends and family who love them and shower them with gifts and attention…so we decided they really needed to show their thankfulness.  One way we decided to do this was through Thank you cards.  since my girls are now at a stage where they can write thank you cards, this was a great, tangible way for them to let people (even Santa himself), know they were thankful for the love, attention, and presents they received.

Since we are all about the giving this year, I thought I’d share a FREE Download of the thank you cards with all of you.  Just click on the image or the link below to download the cards.  Easy Peasy.

My girls also wanted to wish you a merry Christmas.  Here they are in their pretty little Christmas dresses with our Christmas tree… (and yes, for those of you geeks paying attention, that is Captain Kirk, lego Bobba Fett and Princess Leia behind them!  Our tree takes a sort of Sci-Fi/Fantasy meets Disney Princess twist.  All good things!!)
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Hope you enjoy!!  Merry Christmas from Mimi’s Dollhouse and the Lasha Family!IMG_6245Download the FREE Santa Thank You Card.

Santa Thank You Cards

Be sure to check out all of our Christmas Ideas and Inspiration.