Have you ever walked down the candy cane aisle at the grocery store?  I did this today.  In the midst of my normal, chaotic food shopping trip, my daughter and I took a little stroll down the candy cane aisle…and I had some thoughts…

Thought #1:  When did candy canes become an item that gets its own AISLE?  I mean canned fruit/canned vegetables and soup share an aisle, but there is an entire aisle dedicated to candy canes (albeit only during the Christmas season)

Thought #2: I can’t get over the variety of flavors and brands…it seems every candy brand has their own candy canes…not that I can blame them, really, I wouldn’t mind getting in on that:)

Thought #3: I don’t recall ever actually giving my 2 year old a candy cane…yet somehow she new exactly what they were and what flavor she wanted.

Thought #4: Pink is apparently now also a flavor.

Anyway…. Standing in the aisle amongst massive amounts of candy canes,I started thinking about the crafting possibilities, much to the annoyance of the man walking down the aisle behind me, who didn’t feel the need to mask his impatience (seriously, dude, go around!!).  There are so many things you can do with candy canes….especially when using my FREE Peppermint Chalkboard/ Candy Cane Party Printables (wink, wink…nudge, nudge)

I compiled a pinterest board of some of my favorite Candy Cane Party Ideas either inspired by or using candy canes…So take a look and then go spend some time in the candy cane aisle:)