We got a little snow yesterday.  It snowed for about an hour, never stuck, and was gone as quickly as it came.  It was enough to thrill my daughter to no end, however.  She stood on the back porch, all bundled up so you could only see her little eyes and nose, laughing and laughing.  The funniest part about our little “snowfall” was the reaction from family and friends who don’t live near us.  Apparently, everyone has been on snow watch…I kept getting phone calls letting me know it was snowing at my house (courtesy of the weather channel report) even after it was mostly definitely done snowing.  I suppose they are vicariously experiencing the snow through us (although I need someone to vicariously experience the snow through too, since it is NOT snowing!!!) I keep hoping that we will get some real snow that sticks before we head out of town for Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers…but so far to no avail.

While the weather outside may not be frightful…inside is nice and warm.  There is something about the cold weather and bundling up inside that makes me hungry.  In keeping with the snowman theme I’ve been on this week…I went in search of some yummy snowman food to keep us company while we wait for the return of our friend frosty.  I created a pinterest board of fantastic, yummy snowman food ideas.  Here’s a little preview:

Some of these snowmen look amazing and some seem pretty simple to do  too.  We’re gonna give a few a try this week.  There’s just something about fun food that I think makes it all taste even better.  Perhaps it is just the festive nature of the food….or it could be all in my head, but either way I’m going to enjoy it!!!  Maybe we can inspire the snow to fall so we can eat one snowman while we build another.  Either way…I’m going to have to whip up some homemade hot chocolate to enjoy with my snowman.