Christmas Picture Trends: Ideas for family photos and Christmas cards. If you are thinking about custom Christmas cards this year, or just want some adorable family photos, you need some creative and festive photo ideas to get you going.  Today we are sharing some fun Christmas pictures ideas and trends in family photos.  These are perfect for sending to Shutterfly to make your Christmas card experience a breeze!!  Looking for Christmas decoration ideas?  Be sure to check out our FREE Christmas printablescandy cane party ideas, and reindeer party ideas.

Confession…I spend more time than I should on Facebook.  I know, not a real shocker…most people of my generation can probably say that.  I like Facebook…I like that it lets me have a little peek into other people’s lives.  I like looking at my friend’s kids (even those friends that are really only mild acquaintances and the random “friend of my husband” that I have never actually met).  I love the missing teeth and the first steps and the slobbery spaghetti faces.  I like reading about people’s great days and even their crummy ones.  The thing I like most about Facebook….Family photos.  I love seeing everyone’s family photos.  That is one of the awesome parts about the holidays…it seems like everybody gets their family pictures taken.  They get all spruced up and matchy-matchy…they scour town for unique backgrounds…and then they post them to Facebook for all to see.

Some of my friends and family are professional photographers which is extra fun because their pictures tend to be pretty awesome (even when I don’t even know the people in the pictures…I still love to look through them all).  My favorite pictures are the ones that incorporate personality and creativity.  I love being surprised by someone’s pictures.  One way to spice up your family Christmas pictures is through the use of photo props. I think the right prop can really add a special element to your family pictures too…

There are lots of trends in family photos.  Some are clever and some traditional.  Here are some of the best Christmas Picture Trends to help inspire your Christmas cards.  Don’t forget to swing by Shutterfly to pick that perfect card and easily print your cards!!

Christmas Picture Trends

Set your kids up with some simple or unique props:

If you have some simple Christmas themed props, you can set up some super cute and clever photos with your kids.  Think about your favorite Christmas book, their favorite toy or some Christmas pajamas with milk and cookies.  There are so many options…

Tree Shopping Christmas Photo from Clearly Perceived

Not so JOYful Christmas Picture from Jamila Jean

Santa’s Milk & Cookies Photo from Harvard Homemaker 

Read me a book Christmas Picture from Learning Lift Off 

I can explain Christmas photo from Hative

Take your Christmas Photos Outdoors:

If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful place with lots of outdoor winter wonderland options…perfect, use it.  If you don’t and finding a gorgeous location is more challenging…there are still some beautiful spots to be found in the city or in local parks.  You might just have to get a little more creative.  Here are some family Christmas photo options using mother nature as a backdrop!

Ornaments from Trees Family Photos from Pasha Belman 

Sand Snowman Photo from Redtri 

Baby Blanket Christmas Picture from The Little Umbrella  

Winter Wagon from Melanie Mauer

Keep it Simple:

Sometimes…simple is best.  Find a solid color backdrop and just focus in on those sweet little faces.  You can even be clever and make your family personality shine through…after all, isn’t that what people really want to see?

Head to Head Christmas Photo from Photos by Maryann  

Silent-ish Night from Minted 

Piggyback Photo from The Littlest Blog 

Confetti Christmas Photos from Oh Joy 

Wrapped in Lights from Flicker 

With a little prep:

And of course…the opposite of keeping it simple, is going all out.  You can always plan epic pictures with a little elbow grease.  These family Christmas photo options are adorable…

Sidewalk Chalk art Christmas Photos from It’s a Fabulous Life 

Family PJs from Pink Pistachio 

Reindeer Kids from Maria Wood 

Bokeh lights and Legwarmers from My Life and Kids 

Don’t forget to swing by Shutterfly to pick that perfect card and easily print your cards!!

Looking for Christmas decoration ideas?  Be sure to check out our FREE Christmas printablescandy cane party ideas, and reindeer party ideas.

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