Since the snow is not a -fallin in my neck of the woods….I have a very disappointed 2 year old.  I have been talking up building a snowman for weeks and she really, really wants a “dough-mam” (I love her cute little attempts at words).  I asked her what she wanted to build a snowman for.  She stood there for a minute with her face all pursed up in deep thought and then proudly proclaimed “I want to give a dough-mam to Daddy!”

Well…we may not have real snow…but we can definitely make a snowman for Daddy…We made a snowman card…and since I have been obsessed with snowman crafts the last week or so, I thought I would share it here with you.  It’s a very simple card and you can download the  Snowman Card Template here to make your own. 

and the back side:

We simply cut out the shapes on different colored cards stock, embellished with a sharpie, added two button eyes and a ribbon scarf and then wrote our personalized message on the back.  This card is formatted to fit into a 5×7 envelope in case you need to share your snowman with someone far away.

A was very excited to give her snowman card to Daddy:

Here you can see that she loves her “dough-mam” very much.  I like quick easy crafts like these for children because they can be accomplished with little time, can capture imagination (let them pick how to decorate the card), and are easy shaped for bigger kids to cut out themselves.  I used cards stock but this could easily be done with white felt to really give it a “snowy” feel.  Adding texture to a card can really make a simple shape pop with excitement.

You can download the Snowman Card Template and make your own…I’d love to see your pictures:)

Happy Winter!!!