Whew…I feel like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and all of a sudden a WHOLE WEEK of December is past.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but my Christmas season is uber busy!!  Between Christmas parties and Dance Recitals and my Emma turning two…I’m ready for a vacation!!!  Despite the hustle and bustle, this is hands down my favorite time of year…I love Christmastime!!!

I wanted to make a fun Christmas Party design this year. I was back and forth about what kind of Christmas design I really felt this year and ultimately I decided on a Rudolph/Reindeer Party theme.  The colors are bright red and lime with blue.  I mixed some of my favorite patterns together with just a touch of snowflakes…it is totally one of my favorites. There is soooo much you can do with Reindeer. I found these ADORABLE reindeer serving plates at Target…of course when I tried to tag them online they were MIA:(

I have, however, found so many amazing Reindeer Party ideas.  I put together a pinterest board of some of the best Reindeer Party ideas:

Such a super cute way to celebrate the Christmas holiday!!!

The Printable Rudolph the Reindeer Party Package is available for purchase in the shop.