My children are FASCINATED by trains.  They basically think they are the coolest things ever.  Anywhere there is a train we have to stop and watch it, and count the cars, and if possible ride it too.  Any day with a train is a good day:)  Trains also make AMAZING party themes.  There are soooo many cute things you can do with trains.  From dressing your kids up like little conductors, to having a sheriff/bandit spin, to a pretty pink, girly train party.  The possibilities are basically as endless as that long train that always seems to be crossing the road by my house when I am running late for something.

I have gathered up some of my favorite train party ideas to share with you today.

This adorable fondant train cake topper is not only super cute, but comes with an easy to follow tutorial.  Winning! I love the little candles in the train cars.  And you can add as many as you need for your little guy or gals age.  Easy Peasy and you’ll wow your guests with the fact that you made it yourself.


Fondant Cake Topper Tutorial by Cake Journal

And of course, if you are daring enough to try baking a whole train cake…Betty Crocker has a great tutorial to teach you how to do just that.  The icing on this cake (you didn’t think I was going to let you by without at least one pun today, did you?) is that it also holds your candy…no need to wash any serving dishes.

Train Party:Choo-Chootastic Train Party Ideas-Mimi's DollhouseTrain Party:Choo-Chootastic Train Party Ideas-Mimi's Dollhouse

Train Cake Tutorial by Betty Crocker

I have also compliled an awesome pinterest board of  Train Party Ideas to help you take your train party to the next level.  There are some great ideas on there.  Check it out…

Pin Pic

Here are some helpful Train Party supplies links:


Wanna throw a train party?

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