Game Night Party: Welcome to Chapel’s Game Night!  Looking for a fun party for all ages? Check out this adorable Game Night Party.  Be sure to check out all of our Game Night Party Ideas and Inspiration.
Game Night Pic
Today I’m sharing a cute Game Night Party! This party was styled by Jen for her daughter’s 6th birthday. There are a ton of awesome board game ideas packed into this cute little party. Check it out…
Here’s what Jen had to say…
“Each child was given a color coded lanyard necklace with their name on it.  There were 6 game “stations”, and each chair was also color-coded with a  red, yellow, blue or green fabric garland, so that the child could pick a seat with the corresponding color.  The stations were:  Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Candyland, UNO, Twister (which was painted on the lawn), and “Paint” your own board game themed cookie with a cookie palette with edible paint/icing . They also played bubble wrap hopscotch in the backyard.
Each 20 minutes, guests changes tables, but stayed in the same color seat and took over for whoever had been playing with the same color…that way there were not winners or losers!  Each guest had a cardboard snack tray with popcorn, a “gummy bear” drink (Plastic Squeeze Bear Honey Bottle
 filled with Gatorade) and cups for visiting the Candy land bar.”
Here is the adorable classic board game themed cake. I love it…so cute:)
I also love the use of the board games and their lids as plates and serving trays.
Printables- Mimi’s Dollhouse
Edible Paint- Isn’t it Darling
Here are some helpful links for throwing a game night party:
What an adorable party!  Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Birthday Chapel.

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