How to…Assemble and Hang a Banner.  Need help figuring out how to assemble and hang your birthday banner?  This is the post for you!  Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches.

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How to…Print your banner:

Ok, first things first.  Printing.  All the banners print on size 8.5×11 paper.  I recommend matte or thick glossy photo paper, but cardstock also works.  Here is a link for detailed paper recommendations. If you are printing the large banners, each page will have 2 5×5 or 5×7  panels on it (depending on the design).  If you are printing the mini banners, each page will have 4 panels on it.  Banners can be printed at home from any normal home printer.  Color variations may occur based on the printer, ink and paper combination you select.  I recommend always printing on your printer’s “best” or “photo” setting for highest quality and ensure that your printer has adequate ink.  Low ink levels can make colors appear dull.

If you do not want to print at home, files can be printed at any local print shop that prints PDF files. Places like OfficeMax, Staples, and FedEx are great options.)


How to…Assemble your banner:

Assembly is super easy.  Once the files are printed, cut out the panels along the edge of the design.  You can then string the banner together using any type of ribbon, yarn, twine, or tulle strips.  I like to use a hole punch and punch a small hole in the corners to thread the ribbon through, but you can also use an exact-o knife to make small slits in the corners as well. Below is an example of a banner put together using a hole punch and 1/2″ ribbon.  Easy Peasy.


How to…Hang your banner:

Here’s where you can let your imagination run wild.  Where and how you hang your banner can really make a statement.  The key to good banner placement is in the spacing.  Make sure the letters are all spaced evenly.  Longer words, like Birthday, should take up more space that shorter words, like happy.  This looks clean and makes it easier to read.  If you space the letters too far apart, it isn’t as appealing to the eye as spaced closely together.

Here are a few examples of some different and creative displays…


From the Storybook Princess Party, displayed on the entrance to Aubrey’s Custom made Castle.  Hung behind the dessert table between large penguins from our Penguin Party.



Hung with washi tape instead of ribbon in the Game Night Party. On the front of the dessert table hung with twine from the Circus Party.

1-DSC_0449-001Lots of banner inspiration:)

Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches and our FAQ page if you have any questions!!

Here are helpful links for printing and hanging banners: