Video Games are a little bit of an addiction at my house. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m pretty sure you have small girls…why would you be addicted to video games?”.  This is a valid question…my girls do not play video games (aside from the preschool learning apps on my daughter’s iPad).  I don’t actually even play them that often.  My husband is our official family video game player.  He is not, however, the one addicted to video games…nope, that would be ME.  I like to WATCH him play video games…lame, right? I’m very picky, though.  I prefer fantasy based, non-first person games with good graphics and a well constructed story line and lots of puzzles….I know, I’m a big nerd.

I rarely try to play them…I get frustrated with my own lack of hand eye coordination and quit 10 minutes in because my player keeps getting killed or can’t jump over a ledge or something simple like that.  I need Nathan’s ability to actually maneuver the avatar!!  The only games I have success playing and will attempt to play on my own are the LEGO games (i.e. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) and even then I employ the help of cheat codes that allow me to never die.  I’m hopeless, really:)

Anyway, my video game rambling was all to introduce the client styled video game party I have to feature today…This PlayStation Video Game Party was styled by Erika for her son Joshua’s 9th birthday using some custom Video Game printables I designed for her (similar designs are available for purchase from my shop).The color scheme was buitl around the button pattern on the PlayStation controller and lots of fun game related sayings were popped in here and there…I love bright frosting on cupcakes…oh so yummy!!The kids all got controller shaped cookies as favors with a personal thank you tag from Joshua…such cute cookies!!!And of course…computer and character themed cookies to munch during the party…Here’s the birthday boy and some of his friends…Happy Birthday Joshua!!!Thanks to Erika for sharing this party!!!