Super Hero Party: Ideas for a “Super” Hero Bash.   Does your little man love to put on masks and capes and save the world?  We’re talking about Super Hero party ideas today!!  Be sure to check out all of our Super Hero Party Ideas and Inspiration.Superhero Pic

So by now you’ve probably figured out I’m a geek.  I love me some sci-fi/fantasy.  I have Star Wars decor in my house and my dogs’ names come from Star Trek.  Yep…that’s me:)  What you probably don’t know though, is that I am also a comic nerd.  (seriously, the first step is admitting it, right!)  I love Super Heros (especially Captain America…you know that’s right!!)  Every year I try to convince my daughter’s to let me throw them a “girly” Captain America party…so far we haven’t had any takers, but a girl can dream right?

While I’m dreaming away about my super hero party, here are so fun ideas to help you throw yours…

1. Superhero Photo Booth by One More Mushroom

This creative take on a photo booth is GENIUS. Seriously.  Every kids should get to take some pictures like this.  LOVE IT!


2. Hulk Pudding Cups by Whimsy & Hope

Ummm can you say cute and scary all at the same time?  Well this adorably clever Pudding cup sure can!  Simple and adorable!  My kind of dessert!


3. Super Hero Mask Tutorial by Handmade Frenzy

What’s a super hero party without some super hero masks?  This easy tutorial will help you make some cute masks for your little villains and heroes!

4. Comic Book Banner by One Charming Party

Ummm…I kinda love this so much I want to make one and hang it in my house ALL THE TIME.  Easy, cute and truly SUPER.


5. Super Hero Drinks by The Cards We Drew

And whats a party without some awesome Super Hero Drinks.  These are BEAUTIFUL!!  Love. this.

I have also put together a Pinterest Board of Awesome Super Hero Party Ideas.  Check it out!!

Wanna throw a Super hero Party?

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