Superhero Party Food Ideas: Amazing Desserts & Superhero Snacks.  Calling all superheroes…need some superhero party food for your birthday party?  We are sharing the hottest superhero party food ideas today! Looking for Girly Superhero Birthday Party Ideas?  Be sure to also check out this Spiderman Party, super hero party, and these ideas for a superhero party.

So there are parties…and then there are SUPERHERO parties!  There is just something special about a superhero party.  Whether your little one loves spinning webs like Spider Man or fighting crime in the night like Batman, there are so many AMAZING ideas you can use to make superhero party freaking awesome!

We are a Marvel family in my home (well truth be told, my husband loves Batman too…).  I even decorated my baby’s nursery in Marvel Comics.  I can’t wait until he is older so I can throw him an Avengers themed party!  #partygoals

To really take your superhero party to the next level, create themed desserts and superhero party foods! Showcasing your favorite hero or their bomb-diggity weapon is super easy with the right tools and ideas.

I have put together a list of the bestest-most-awesomely-awesome superhero party food ideas to get your creative juices flowing….check it out!

Superman Cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle

Sugarbelle is incomparable when it comes to her cookie tutorials.  Not only are they amazing to look at and absolutely perfection in a bite-sized morsel, the tutorials themselves are really simple and easy to follow.  Aren’t these Superman Cookies out of this world??

Fondant Superhero Cake Toppers from Julia Topper Cake

Ok, hello adorable!  Sometimes the best route with a cake is a simple white frosted cake with a kick butt fondant cake topper (i.e. Wild Thing Baby Shower, Boho Chic Party).  You can make a quick cake or pick one up from your local grocery store-usually under $10.  Splurge a little on one or two of these freaking awesome fondant superheroes and…BAM! POP! You have a killer Superhero Cake!

DIY Hulk Juice Boxes from Horrible Housewife

Not every treat has to be a handmade delight…grab some Kool-Aid Bursts and jazz them up just a bit.  Who wouldn’t want to drink these Incredible Hulk Juices?

Girly Superhero Cookies from Shop Cookie Couture

These cookies are beautiful.  They are so fun and a little girly with the pink and gold.  I want to eat them all right now.  These would complement a more traditional superhero party for girls.  (Check out our Girly Superhero Party for inspiration!)

Wonder Woman Popcorn from The Decorated Cookie

So..My daughters love Wonder Woman so much…I think I’m actually going to make this and put it in their lunch boxes for the first day of school!  Of course it’s also an AMAZING idea for a Wonder Woman birthday party or a Justice League party.  So simple and so yummy!

Superhero Cake pops from O Pops by Angie

Cake pops are my spirit animal.  I love Cake pops.  These adorable Superhero cake pops really put the BOOM! POP! into a party.  With strategic colors, these would match any superhero you choose to feature in your party!

DIY Superhero Oreos Recipe on Kara’s Party Ideas

Custom colored Oreo cookies, anyone?  Uh..yes please!!  These look delicious and definitely SUPER!

Superhero Rice Krispies from Mimi’s Dollhouse

Want a super easy way to dress up those Rice Krispie treats?  Using a simple cookie cutter set you can create an awesome superhero dessert in no time!

Superhero Cookies from Flourish Cookies

I think my favorite part of these superhero cookies, aside from the fact that they are absolutely adorable, is that they are a throwback to the comic books with their colors and design.  These are beautiful….defintiely one of MY favorite superhero party food ideas!

Fondant Superhero Cupcake Faces from The Cake Fairy

Ok…stop with the cuteness, right!  Simple cupcakes never had it so good.  Show off your Avengers style with these Avengers Cupcake Toppers.  Hulk is my favorite (but Hulk might always be my favorite, *shrug*).

Wonder Woman Cookies from Baking in Heels

Satisfy the warrior princess in us all with these WONDER-ful Wonder Woman Cookies!  I love how she looks ready to whip out her Golden Lasso and get down to business.

DIY Superhero Popcorn on Catch My Party

This simple DIY Popcorn containers are perfect for setting up a party spread.  You can easily recreate these in easy to pass out plastic square cups too.  Just hot glue on some black scrapbook paper and WHAM! Superhero Popcorn!!

Captain America Shields from A Grande Life

Do you love Captain America?  Make some easy and yummy Captain America Shield pretzel bites with this easy tutorial.

Batman Brownies from Sometimes I Bake

These Batman brownies look so yummy.  I love the simplicity of these.  They would be especially fantastic in a party that is centered more on the black and white element of superhero comics with splashes of color, since they are simple and black and white.

Wonder Woman Donuts from Nerdist

Another amazing Wonder Woman dessert.  These Wonder Woman Donuts are perfection.  I might need some right now!!!

Captain America Cupcakes from Horrible Housewife

This are definitely a winner!  They are equal parts simple and adorable and would be a hit at any Avengers party.  I love how the blue cupcakes “peek” through the white wrappers too!!

Spiderman Cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle

Here is another super cookie tutorial from Sugarbelle.  I think even I can pull these Spiderman Cookies off.  I love the webbing on the cookie face.

Thor Cupcakes from Horrible Housewife

Perhaps my favorite of the whole post…Thor Hammer Cupcakes.  I mean c’mon son!!!  These are so adorable and easy to recreate.  You better get baking!!!

I hope these Superhero Party food ideas get you excited for throwing a superhero party!  They definitely made me hungry!!

Looking for Girly Superhero Birthday Party Ideas?  Be sure to also check out this Spiderman Party, super hero party, and these ideas for a superhero party.

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