Game Night Ideas for the whole family.

Looking to plan an awesome game night party?  Game Nights are not just for adults.  You can host a game night party for the whole family.  

This is an awesome theme for a teen (or tween) birthday.  Often our older kids don’t want a “babyish” birthday party theme no matter how much WE may want to throw it for them.  Throwing a game night party is a perfect compromise. 

game night birthday party decorations

You can still make fun treats and have awesome sauce decorations, but they can invite their friends and have fun in a way that is cool!  

Game Night Decorations

I have two awesome Game Night parties to share with you that were both styled using my game night printables

Game Night printables make party styling so simple because a great deal of the work is done for you.  They can be personalized for your party (or just be generic “game night” without a name for family parties or events that are not focused on a specific person.) 

With several items taken care of, you can focus your energy of planning a menu and setting up decor. Easy peasy!

Game Night Party Supplies

Decorating for a Game Night Party can be lots of fun.  You can use game board pieces from your favorite games or even make treats that look like those games.  

Playing cards make great garlands if glued or taped to ribbon.  There are so many easy and fun ideas to pull off that board game feel.  

Starting with a base of primary colored party decorations can help to inexpensively fill in the space not decorated by games themselves and save money on tableware.  Not to mention eliminate dishes to wash!!

Game Night Food and Decorations

I have an AMAZING party to share with you all.  This party was done by the ever talented and super creative Bridget Parry.

When Bridget first contacted me about making printables for this Game Night party, I was super excited!!  It seemed like an awesome idea, and her parties never disappoint. 

I was shocked though at how adorable it actually turned out.  If I was expecting a “10”, Bridget pulled out an “11”!! 

Here are some of the pictures from the party so you can see for yourself:

I love it…all the details are extraordinary!!! There are so many small details in this party that make it one of my favorite parties EVER. 

I love how simple glueing playing cards to the top of sugar sticks is…so simple, yet its the perfect simple and inexpensive food idea.

Game piece garland…genius.  This is crazy simple to make.  Just take all those extra game pieces (or go buy a cheap board game from Good Will to piece out…it doesn’t matter if its complete since you are using it for decor anyway).  

You can either use washi tape and tape the top of the cards and items like Monopoly money to the topor you can buy ribbon and hot glue the pieces to the ribbon.  Either way, you will get an adorable and SUPER simple garland to hang anywhere you need a little POP of party.  

This garland would be perfect on the front of the party table or as a background for a great photo booth!

Game night Cupcake Toppers:)  Here are the party cupcake toppers mixed in with a few playing cards on picks.  Grab some simple cupcakes and these toppers and you are in business. 

Yummy cookies!!! Dominoes and Playing card cookies.  Bake some simple sugar cookies and cover them with white icing. Use red and black gel icing to make the card and domino designs.  It’s super simple and super cute!!

I love the Nintendo controller chocolates also. These are a great treat ideas for a game night or a video game party.  You can make these with this candy mold.

Want a quick and simple way to display your food?  Try stacking board game boxes to give your table height.  

Want another cute little detail that is easy to do and can take you party from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY?  Use Scramble tiles to label the food.  It’s themed and hilarious!

Here is a fun idea for the entry way. Playing cards make a great addition to a welcome sign and spaces to direct you into the party….love it!

There are so many fun birthday ideas in this party.  So. Much. Fun.

Here are some helpful links for throwing a game night party:


Such a creative party!!!  I love all the details and the food almost looks too good to eat!

More Game Night Party Ideas

Ready for game night number 2? This fun party also uses my game night printables, but focuses on some different board games and has some fun game night activities. Check it out…
Game Night Pic
This party was styled by Jen for her daughter’s 6th birthday. There are a ton of awesome board game ideas packed into this cute little party. The backdrop to the table with the spinning wheel has got to be one of my favorite parts.  So clever!!!
Here’s what Jen had to say…
“Each child was given a color coded lanyard necklace with their name on it.  There were 6 game “stations”, and each chair was also color-coded with a  red, yellow, blue or green fabric garland, so that the child could pick a seat with the corresponding color.  
The stations were:  Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Candyland, UNO, Twister (which was painted on the lawn), and “Paint” your own board game themed cookie with a cookie palette with edible paint/icing .
They also played bubble wrap hopscotch in the backyard.
Each 20 minutes, guests changes tables, but stayed in the same color seat and took over for whoever had been playing with the same color…that way there were not winners or losers!  
Each guest had a cardboard snack tray with popcorn, a “gummy bear” drink (Plastic Squeeze Bear Honey Bottle filled with Gatorade) and cups for visiting the Candy land bar.”
Here is the adorable classic board game themed cake. I love it…so cute:)  It was made by Junebug Bakery.
I also love the use of the board games and their lids as plates and serving trays.  Especially the classic games.  It’s so much fun!!
Aren’t these giant lollipops adorable.  You can recreate these by placing a ballon on pvc pipe and wrapping it with cellophane.  Easy and such a fun idea!!!
This party has so many great ideas for games that the kids can play.  I love the ideas of having them rotate through stations and playing different games together.  
I think the jumbo dice hanging from the ceiling is super cute.   The window coverings on the wall give a nice colored background to the room and can easily be made by using disposable plastic tablecloths.
All you need to do is cut long strips into the plastic tablecloths, but leave a few inches uncut at the top.  This with give you a shredded, flow-y look, but still cover the wall. 
It’s great for hiding non party decor for pictures or blocking the sun.
Don’t you just love this playing card wreath?  It’s fun and perfect for this theme.  What a great way to say…”come on in!”
Here is a fun snack and game table where the kids can play game and enjoy their party treats.  Adorbs!
Yard twister, anyone?  This is a great game and the kids will love it.  It’s especially great if you are using the twister mat as a tablecloth (perfect table cloth, right!!!)
See…you love it as a tablecloth, don’t you?  Here is another fun party idea.  Paint your cookies is a great idea.  There are tons of cookie options on Etsy that you can buy for this activity.
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ideas for throwing a game night party like board game serving trays and playing card cookies
game night party decorations that include monopoly money garland and twister mat tablecloths

game night party ideas and food for a game night party

simple cookies for a game night that look like dice and playing cards
Here are some helpful links for throwing a game night party:
What an adorable party!  Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Birthday Chapel.

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