So having daughters is super fun.  One thing that I have learned in parenting girls…you don’t really have to teach them to be girls.  They pretty much come that way.  Granted, they do watch and learn a lot of girly stuff from me…but so much of it just comes naturally. My girls LOVE to dress up.  They have a big dress up hamper full of themed play outifts.  I love seeing them dressed up like princesses pushing their baby strollers.  Their room is exploding with pink and frilly and tea parties and girly fun fun!

There are some things, though, that I totally think are taught….for instance.  The other day, a huge moth flew into our house and up the staircase to where I was standing with my daughter.  So…I screamed.  Like horror movie scream.  I would totally be the stupid chick who dies at the beginning of the movie because I ran up the stairs screaming.

So anyway…big scream (cuz, hello…BIG BUG!!!) and I grabbed my daughter and carried her into her bedroom and we hid until Super-Dad came and killed the bug.  During the Bug killing extravaganza it actually flew into the bedroom we were in. And, yeah…I’m not too proud to admit…I threw my daughter on the bed and covered her up while we screamed.  I know…pathetic. Yes!

So, long story short….now she’s TERRIFIED of bugs.  Nice going mom!!!

In honor of little girly girls, I’m sharing some ADORABLE spa party ideas today.  What’s more girly than a spa day.  Spa days pretty much take the Girly cake, right.  Check it out…Spa Ideas photo

So go ahead and pamper your little girly girls with a fabulous spa party.  Then afterwards…maybe afterwards, take yourself to the spa as a reward…come on, you earned it!!!

Wanna throw a Spa Party?

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