Happy Birthday Sailor!  Check out this fun Popeye Birthday Party!

Sailor Party: Popeye themed Birthday Bash.  If you love spinach and anchor tattoos…this Popeye the Sailorman inspired Sailor party is the Olive to your Oil!!!  Looking for nautical birthday party ideas?  Be sure to check out this Ahoy it’s a Boy baby shower!

You know what’s one of my favorite parts about having kids???  Totally geeking them out with things I liked as a kid.

For example…recently, my daughters were in a knockdown drag out over “Bullseye”  (the horse from toy story…why we only have one, I’ll never know).  In a stroke of genius, I grabbed my Princess Leia Vinylmation figurine.  (If you know what that means, you can appreciate that I’m a level 32 warrior mage in the game of geek).

Anyway, I instructed my darling daughters that she was in fact “Magic Princess Leia” who seeks out good girls. Holding “Magic Princess Leia” is a privilege that can only be earned by being sweet and kind and sharing with your sister.

Jan and feb 2013 495

Genius? you ask. Yes.  Not only did it completely work and we had an entire road trip without whiny or fighting as they each earned their chance to hold the prized figurine, BUT, bonus…now they are totally interested in Star Wars!!  Happy Dance, Happy Dance! This geeky momma is doing the Happy Dance.

So like me, the momma who put together this adorable Sailor party is throwing some retro love in her little one’s direction.

Jan and feb 2013 496

This cute Popeye the Sailor man inspired party was styled by Kelli for her son, Rex and niece, Allie.  I absolutely LOVE some of these details.  

Firstly, the Spinach cans are such a super cute idea.  These are super easy to make too.  

A cleaned can of soup, or a formula can for the larger size, a Spinach label and some leftover Easter grass…presto, instant muscle building Spinach cans!!!  Too, too cute.

Jan and feb 2013 501

My favorite detail honestly has to be the shoe…of course you would catch a shoe in your net…of course!!

sailor pic3

Any momma who can pull off an Olive Oil costume gets props from me, and I LOVE the little Popeye costume.  So sweet and original!


sailor pic2Happy Birthday Rex and Allie, thanks for sharing your party with us!!!

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