Adorable Narwhal Party Supplies and Ideas for a gorgeous party!

Mystical sea creatures and glitter lovers rejoice!  This unicorn of the sea is the perfect party idea for a sweet little girl or a fantastic pool party. Ready for some amazing narwhal birthday party ideas?

Narwhals are the cutest thing to happen to the ocean since sea stars and a narwhal party will delight your little ones.  Get your daily dose of iridescent and pastel with this sweet little birthday party.

Ever struggle with picking a theme for a birthday party?  Don’t worry…it happens to us all.

☑️ This Narwhal Party Kit is the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!


Maybe you want to throw a party that isn’t a cookie cutter character party?  Maybe you really want to style a party that will compliment your little girl’s interests or personalities.


If you are looking for a hot party trend, but don’t really want to throw the same party as everyone else on your block…enter the cute little narwhal.

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Narwhal Birthday Party

Under the Sea parties are a summer staple!!! They are perfect for pool parties and celebrating that warm weather.  NARWHAL parties are a fun twist on this classic theme.


Instead of the traditional sea creatures, the narwhal is a great alternative.   With it is fun, cute cross between a whale and a unicorn, the narwhal can be used in spring or summer pool party as a unique focus.


The narwhal can also be an option if you are wanting an ocean themed party, but have a winter birthday.  Using the right colors (namely soft pinks, blues and silvers) you can have a winter-y party that is still all about cute sea creatures.  

After all, narwhals live in super cold climates, right?


Unicorn of the Sea Party Theme

The Narwhal theme is especially awesome for a 1st birthday party for a little girl.  Narwhals have that exciting “unicorn of the sea” vibe that ranks them up there with fairies and princesses and all the girly goodness.


Whether you have a cutesy little narwhal caricature in mind, or a sophisticated party in mind, the narwhal can be perfect for your party theme.

Narwhal Party Decorations

For this sweet little narwhal party, I used soft, pastel and iridescent party tableware and decor to decorate the party.  The narwhals were playful and fun and worked perfectly mixed into the clean white table display.


Narwhal Party Supplies

You can find similar adorable narwhal party supplies like these at Amazon.  These plates and decorations will make setting up a party so simple and adorable!


This collection didn’t come with a garland, so I had to get a little creative.  I used the narwhal invitations, which are super cute narwhal cut outs, and taped them to baker’s twine.  I then hung this across the wall behind the dessert table.  


It looks like it was made for the party….no one would ever know they were invitations!  Along with that banner, I also made a little banner from small rectangles of paper.

The narwhal cake topper was also one of the narwhal invitations.  I hot glued it to the top of a paper straw. Easy peasy and matches so perfectly!


The tableware was super cute.  Fun shimmery sea star napkins and silver cups.  This design is perfect for a first birthday party or even a girl baby shower.  

I love the mixture of real and magical that works with the narwhal!


Narwhal Invitations

Before you can party, you kinda need to invite your guests.  When it comes to choosing the right invitations, there are three main options:

Option #1: Buy fill-in invitations.  This is an easy option that only requires you to fill out the invites.  If you are throwing a party for an older child, they can fill the invites out themselves.  

Fortunately, you can purchase the matching invitations from Amazon!  They are cute and have fun matching envelopes.



Option #2: Have a custom invitation made that you can print and distribute. So I’m partial to this option, since I do in fact design printables for parties.  

I think a custom invite is fun and saving time (although printing them can be more expensive than option 1).  This would be my choice for a custom narwhal invite to match this design. It’s similar in vibe and super cute.


Option #3:  Send an Evite.  Let’s face it…we live in a digital world and sometimes, there isn’t time to print something out.  

Evite doesn’t have anything specifically narwhal, but they do have some fun options for ocean themed invites that could easily work with your theme.


Narwhal Party Favors

There are so many options for narwhal party favors.  Fill a cute favor bag with some narwhal themed toys and treats like these:



Narwhal Cake and Treat Ideas

The Narwhal party theme gives you so many options for adorable baked treats.  From themed cookies to amazing narwhal cakes…here is some adorable party food inspiration!


Narwhal Cake Ideas

I love custom cakes.  Some of the options for making a narwhal cake are so cute…I almost wouldn’t want to eat them.  ALMOST….I’d still eat them…I mean…Hello. Cake.

Narwhal Cake from Wilton

This adorable narwhal cake has fun big eyes and a happy face.  Love it.


Pink Narwhal Cake from Bakingdom

Hello gorgeous.  This cake is perfect for a sea themed party…those shells…that color!  *LOVE*


Narwhal Cake from Sugar Geek Show

How adorable is this cake option….so adorable!  So Adorable!


Narwhal Cake Tutorial from PopSugar

Here is an awesome cake tutorial to help you bake one of these beautiful cakes on your own.  I love easy to follow tutorials!!


Narwhal Birthday Cake from Two Purple Couches

I love this beautiful cake too. So much fun for a little ones birthday party!


Narwhal Cupcakes

For this narwhal party, I made super simple narwhal cupcakes.  These were fun and easy to make. Check out the narwhal cupcake tutorial to see how to do these simple cupcakes.  


Easy treats are the best when you are crunched for time…especially when they can be this cute!


Narwhal Party Cookies

I also made some fun narwhal cookies for this narwhal party.  These fondant covered cookies were super simple, yet so much fun to make.  My kids thought these were amazing and wanted to eat them all!


Check out the super simple narwhal cookie tutorial to find out how to make these fun cupcakes too!



Are you looking to score these adorable narwhal party decorations?  It’s so much fun for a birthday party or baby shower and there are TONS of coordinating items…everything from tablecloths to honeycomb centerpieces!!  

Click to view and purchase the products from Amazon!



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Conclusion for Delightful Narwhal Birthday Party Ideas:

Throwing a narwhal party can be easy peasy with the right tools and directions.  This post will help you throw the cutest narwhal party around. Check out all the fun details!

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