Mermaid Party: Under the Sea Mermaid Party Activities.  Today I’m sharing the Mermaid Party Activities and Games from my recent Mermaid Party.  Be sure to check out all of our Under the Sea and Mermaid Party Ideas and Inspiration.
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One of the best parts of throwing a birthday party for kids, is the games and activities.  I LOVE coming up with themed activities and stations for the kiddos to explore.  It’s always my favorite place to work in little details and fun, quirky theme elements.  My daughter’s mermaid party was no exception.  Today, I’m sharing the fun stations we set up for her party…check it out.

#1 Dress like a Mermaid or a Pirate

The first station I set up for the party was the dress up station.  I love seeing all the little kids running around in outfits that match the theme.  I made some cute headbands for the girls with sea stars attached (tutorial coming soon!).  The little girls paired these with mini lime green tutus that made them all look like cute little mermaids.

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The little boys got strips of fabric to wrap around their heads and Felt Pirate Eye Patches to make them feel like little pirates…aargh!

#2 Pin the Sea star on the Mermaid

This mermaid party game was super fun.  I printed out the mermaid board large (size 16×20) and the kids took turns trying to stick the sea star stickers onto the mermaid’s hair.
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#3 Mermaid Bubble Necklaces and Pirate Hats

The little memaids made their own bubble necklaces (tutorial coming soon for this too!!) This was a HUGE hit with the little girls.  They loved making their own mermaid jewelry.  We also didn’t want to leave out our cute little pirates, so we gave them the chance to make their own pirate hats and decorate them with stickers and jewels.

IMG_3977 IMG_4035 IMG_3997 IMG_3971 IMG_4002 IMG_3998 IMG_3996 IMG_4000 IMG_4030

#4 Seashell Toss

Using foam board and bean bags, I made a seashell toss game for the little quick fun competition game.

IMG_3970 IMG_4027 IMG_3969#5 Coral Reef Coloring

What mermaid party would be complete without a coral reef.  On the block wall around the yard, the kids were able to create their own coral reef with sidewalk chalk.  This was definitely a favorite as well!!

IMG_4230 IMG_3963 IMG_4041

 #6 Swimming and Bubbles

So of course, the best activity for a mermaid party is swimming.  We decided to take our swimming to the next level with a Bubble Machine as well.  Splishing and Splashing around in the pool and chasing the bubbles was definitely the highlight of the mermaid fun!


IMG_4194 IMG_4165 IMG_4157

 #7 Beach Pail Party Favors

Last, but not least, were the fun party favors.  Each child had a persoanlized beach pail with towels, googles, and fun mermaid themed candy and goodies…fin-tastic!!


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