When I set out to make Aubrey’s Vintage Beach party, I wanted to include some of her favorite foods.  One of her absolute favorites is the Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich.  I’m not a peanut butter eater myself (I know, gasp, give yourself a minute of shock because I am pretty much the only person in America who isn’t a peanut butter eater) so I can’t vouch for the yumminess factor, but my children claim it is AMAZING.  To incorporate peanut butter and honey sandwiches into her vintage beach spread…I decided to make some Starfish SANDwiches. Now…peanut and butter sandwiches are not difficult treats to make…but to save time and energy and make sure that the spread was nice and even, I cheated a bit and bought the peanut butter and honey uncrustables.  These were PERFECT.  Not only were they the perfect size, but because you can freeze them…they stay perfect and can be cut and stored in advance.

Here’s how to make your own starfish sandwiches:


Peanut Butter, Honey, wheat bread (or uncrustables)

Star shaped cookie cutter

gold, glittery piping gel or squeezable frostingStep one:  Make a pb&h sandwich as you normally would, or take uncrustable out of freezer.

Step two:  Use cookie cutter to cut out star shape and remove excess sandwich

Step three:  Draw accent lines on sandwich with piping gel.Serve, eat and enjoy…easy peasy right?

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