When I started to plan my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, I really wanted to capture the feel of the beach.  One of my favorite parts of the beach is the juxtaposition of the large tall palm trees next to the flat long beach.  I knew that I wanted to recreate that image on my dessert table.  I decided to use the palm trees to frame the backdrop.  I thought today I would share how to make the palm trees…they are super easy:)

Palm Tree Tutorial: To make the palm tree trunks, all you need is Brown butcher Paper (the easiest places to find this are learning/teacher supply stores or you can use something like Pacon 5850 Pacon Kraft Wrapping Paper, 50lb, 48″ x 200′ Roll, Natural).  You will need 3 long pieces for each trunk. The first step is to crumple the strips up and make them look, well “crumply”.

Tie the ends of the 3 strips together with a rubber band and loosely braid the tree strips to make the tree trunk.  I used a staple gun to secure the tree trunk to the backdrop (which by the way is a king size white sheet painted to match the sunset design on the vintage beach invitation:) and wall.

For the palm leaves, I actually trimmed a few leaves off the palm trees in the backyard, if you don’t have access to real palm leaves, or want an option that has a longer shelf life, purchasing some artificial palm leaves (12 Tropical leaves -luau party decorations).

I stapled the palm leaves into the backdrop as well.  It is super easy peasy!!

The Printable Vintage Beach Decorations Package is available in my shop: