Bubble Guppies Party that is perfect for Summer!

Bubble Guppies Party: Kendall’s Under the Sea Bash.  What time is it?  It’s Bubble Guppies Party time!  Today I’m sharing a sweet and girly Bubble Guppies Party. 

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Bubble Guppies Party: Kendall's Under the Sea Bash.  What time is it?  It's Bubble Guppies Party time!  Check out this sweet and girly Bubble Guppies Party. 

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Guppies, Guppies, Guppies…

My kiddos love Bubble Guppies, which means that song is swimming around in my head often.  (And yes, that pun was totally intended!!)  The show is cute though, so I don’t really mind:)

Today I’m sharing a sweet girly Bubble Guppies Party styled by my fabulous friend Karolina from Karo’s Fun Land.  I love how she used the fun girly colors and the lace and ribbon accents to create a pretty under the sea experience.

Bubble Guppies Party Decorations

The Bubble Guppies themselves are very brightly colored and they use a ton of color. This can be daunting when it comes to creating a party table.  

That’s what I love most about the party I’m sharing today…it uses girly colors and lots of ocean-y teal and uses the bright colors as accents.

The scalloped backdrop is adorable and has that “mermaid tail” feel.  

These bottles wrapped with baker’s twine with cupcake toppers on the front are adorable.  Almost as adorable as this cute table set-up.


I love how many different levels this table has.  It really helps to showcase all the yummy goodies on the table!


The birthday girl’s name is glued to the front of the tablecloth with tissue circles.  It’s a fun way to add some texture to the design.


Gable boxes are easy to dress up with your theme and great for sending home party favors!



Bubble Guppies Food Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for food and desserts for a bubble guppies theme.  

Jello is always a fun option and is a great “ocean” themed treat.  Add fun candy fish to jazz it up!

Popcorn is cute bags is a fun treat to serve food and help keep the mess to a minimum.

I also love these cute under the sea rice krispy treats.  So awesome and beachy. Adorable!!

I love these cute little clam cookies. Perfection.  They almost look too good to eat!!

The purple frosting center looks divine!


Add some food coloring to your punch for an underwater drink.  Yummy and adorable!


Don’t forget that simple candy can always be a cute treat that the kids will love!

Cotton candy sure looks a lot like Molly’s hair, right?  Here’s a fun idea for a treat!


I love the Cotton Candy for “Molly’s Wig”.  What a cute idea.  It’s probably the yummiest wig EVER.

I love the Molly cake topper.  Using Fondant bubble guppies figures on the cake is such a cute way to accent a cake and really make it stand out!!

These fondant cookie toppers from Sugared Up are perfect for simple sugar cookies!

Check out these fondant bubble guppies cupcake toppers made to match the characters. Cute, huh?  Fondant bubble guppies are adorable ideas for cookies or cupcakes.


Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

Here are some party supplies to help decorate your Bubble Guppies spread.  Be sure to also check out these Mermaid party ideas and Under the Sea party ideas to help inspire your decor!

Iridescent Party Supplies from Target

Bubble Guppies Backdrop from Oriental Trading

Bubble Guppies Party Supplies from Amazon


Here’s a picture of the sweet birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Kendall….It looks like you had a blast!!

1-bubble guppies1 (1)

Conclusion for a Bubble Guppies Birthday:

Throwing a Bubble Guppies party is a great idea for a little guppy who loves the water.  This is a great theme for summer and can incorporate tons of under the sea party ideas.  Check out this awesome inspiration for your party and get planning!


Here are some helpful links for throwing a bubble guppies party:


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