Candy Corn Crafts and Dessert Ideas that are perfect for Fall.

Halloween: Candy Corn Desserts and Candy Corn Crafts.  Gearing up for Halloween and want some classic Halloween treats? 

I’m sharing some amazingly delicious candy corn desserts as well as some fantastic Candy corn crafts! Check out this adorable Candy Corn Party!

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Ok, so you know when you walk into a store the day after Labor Day and they already have their Halloween Decorations and you groan and say “Halloween already?”…that’s not me:)

☑️ These Halloween Party Items are the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction! 

I actually got a little irritated at Target the other day because they only had a small portion of their Halloween decorations out. There were all these empty shelves with labels that sounded super cool…but no product.  That’s just mean!!!

Way to tease, Target…way to tease:) You can find Halloween stuff online from Target, though…if you are impatiently waiting, like me!

Candy Corn Desserts + Treats

I LOVE holiday decorations (granted as soon as the Halloween decor comes out I wait patiently for Christmas Decor to come out, since THAT is my favorite holiday) and holiday food and holiday parties….

One of my favorite holiday trends is putting a new spin on an old classic…like, of course, Candy Corn.  Here are some fantastic candy corn desserts and candy corn crafts to get you in the Halloween mood!!!

Candy Corn Donuts from Chez Cateylou

I’m a sucker for a good donut.  And of course, an adorably decorated and frosted donut is just the icing on the…errr…donut! 

These are super adorable.  A little trick too, with donuts…if you aren’t a very good donut baker, you can always BUY the donuts and just frost them adorably. 

Saves time and frustration if you aren’t confident in your candy corn donut baking!!


Candy Corn Fudge from Mom on Time Out

Did someone say fudge?  I’m there…I’m soooo there!  I love fudge, even when it is ugly…so you can imagine my enthusiasm over gorgeous candy corn fudge like this!!!


Candy Corn Macarons from Persia Lou

Macarons are so deliciously light and wonderful.  These candy corn macarons are so good…they will make you want to eat them all yourself and not share with your neighbors or classmates or children.  Just saying!


Candy Corn Popcorn from Two Sisters Crafting

Looking for easy candy corn desserts? Popcorn and candy corn and marshmallows…oh my!  If you are looking for a quick and fool proof candy corn dessert, this candy corn popcorn will NOT disappoint!


Candy Corn Cakepops 

Every party needs some adorable candy corn cake pops, right!  These sweet little lovelies are easy to make and oh so yummy!!


Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bars from Two in the Kitchen

Sugar cookies, anyone?  How about stepping it up with sugar cookie bars?  Throw in the candy corn and you have a Halloween treat that is sure to inspire!!  Perfect candy corn dessert!


Candy Corn Meringues from Make Bake Celebrate

How adorable are these meringues?  They are so cleverly made and look like the perfect little candy corn sweets.  Love these!!


Candy Corn Pretzel Bark from Something Swanky

Candy corn and peanut butter?  Who knew this combo could taste so good?  This fun pretzel bark will have your kiddos coming back for more every time!!  I love candy corn desserts, don’t you?


Candy Corn Popsicles from The Girl Inspired

Want a healthy candy corn treat?  How about some super yummy candy corn popsicles?  Yogurt and fruit juice is the perfect combo for this Halloween treat!!


Candy Corn Cookies from Lizy B’s Bakeshop

If you are like me and have some silly faces to show off, grab some candy corn cookies with attitude!!  I love the little stuck out tongue!!!


Candy Corn Cupcakes

These dipped candy corn cupcakes are a fun variation on candy corn cupcakes.  They are cute and clever and definitely guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!!


Candy Corn Jello from Cincy Shopper

You can’t go wrong with a little candy corn jello!  This treat is jiggly and adorable. Besides…anything you can throw a little whipped cream on top of is a winner in my book.


Candy Corn Truffle Bark from The Gunny Sack

Why settle for just truffles or bark, when you can have Candy Cane truffle bark?  This gooey and crunchy delicious treat is perfection in a pan.


Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats from Yellow Bliss Road

I’m a huge fan of Rice Krispies Treats.  This awesome variation has candy corn and candy corn M&M’s….talk about a winning combination!!!


Homemade Candy Corn from The Kitchen is My Playground

If you aren’t a fan of store bought candies, why not take a stab at making your own candy corn?  This recipe will walk you through making some delicious homemade candy corn!!


Candy Corn Swirl Cookies from the Simple Sweet Life

Swirl cookies have got to be some of my favorites!  They are gorgeous and fun and also super delicious!!!  I love this candy corn cookie option for halloween!!


Candy Corn Cupcakes from Damn Delicious

Sometimes you just can’t beat a delicious cupcake!  I love this candy corn variation.  This is the treat that will wow your party guests for sure.  So simple, yet soooo perfect!


Candy Corn Milkshakes from Ashley Brooke Nicholas

Let’s get our milkshake on this Halloween with a fun candy corn milkshake.  Hello amazing!!


Candy Corn Marshmallows from Two Sisters Crafting

You can’t go wrong with marshmallows and sprinkles, right!!  Check out this awesome candy corn marshmallow pop!  Yes, please!

If you are planning to make candy corn desserts, this candy corn sprinkle mix is awesome!!! 

If you’re feeling the deliciousness of these candy corn dessert…feel free to pin to your Halloween Pinterest board. Then you can make these amazing treats all season long!


Candy Corn Crafts

Candy corn fun is about so much more than just the treats and candy corn desserts!!!  Check out these freaking fabulous candy corn crafts:

Candy Corn Soap from Happiness is Homemade

How adorable is this candy corn soap?  This would be great as Halloween gift or even just chilling by your sink for that Halloween party! Winning!


Candy Corn Sugar Scrub from Family Maven

Keep your skin smooth and smelling like the Halloween spirit all season long with this amazing candy corn sugar scrub!!


DIY 2×4 Candy Corn from Home Talk

Feeling crafty?  Bust out that sander and make some amazing decor with a two by four!!!!  These are seriously so cute!!


Candy Corn String Art from Bryan Kidd Designs

String art is all the rage…decorate your home this Halloween with a cute candy corn string art piece!  Heck yes!!!


Candy Corn Button Art from Repeat Crafter Me

Button hoarders will go nuts over this beauty. Don’t worry, you need not be a button hoarder to do this craft…you can always buy some awesome buttons too!


Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag from Purl Soho

Looking for a great trick or treat bag for your little ones?  These DIT candy corn treat bags are super cute and ready to party!!


Candy Corn Piñata from HGTV

What’s a Halloween party without a piñata?  Make a fun DIY candy corn piñata and get your crazy on!!


Candy Corn Plushies from Deviant Art

These cute little plushies would be great gifts for the kiddos this halloween for sure!!! I love the emoji faces too!!


If you’re feeling the craftiness of these options…feel free to pin to your Halloween Pinterest board so you can make these amazing crafts all season long!


There are sooo many amazing things you can do with candy corn!!! If you are like me and can’t wait to start planning your Holiday parties, feel free to email me and we can chat about ideas:)

Otherwise we can all patiently wait for a little longer…

The Printable Candy Corn Decoration Package is free for download.  I hope you love it:)

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Halloween: Candy Corn Desserts and Candy Corn Crafts.  Gearing up for Halloween and want some classic Halloween treats?  I'm sharing some amazingly delicious candy corn desserts as well as some fantastic Candy corn crafts! #parties #holiday #halloween #candycorn #baking #diy #crafts #partyideas

Halloween Party Tableware + Supplies

Here are some amazing Halloween themed tableware and supplies to help you plan and set-up the best Halloween bash on the block.  These are budget friendly and oh so perfect!

Vintage Halloween Supplies from Meri Meri

Halloween Tableware from Target

Vintage Halloween Supplies from Oriental Trading

Pastel Halloween Tableware from Meri Meri

Hocus Pocus Supplies from Sweet Lulu



Here are some helpful links for Halloween Parties:



Halloween: Candy Corn Desserts and Candy Corn Crafts.  Gearing up for Halloween and want some classic Halloween treats?  I'm sharing some amazingly delicious candy corn desserts as well as some fantastic Candy corn crafts! #parties #holiday #halloween #candycorn #baking #diy #crafts #partyideas


Thank you for reading my Candy Corn Craft ideas!