Halloween: Spooky Fun Halloween Game Ideas.  Let’s get our Halloween on with some fun Halloween Game Ideas to make any party spooky fun!  For more Halloween Inspiration, check out these other Halloween Ideas and Parties.Halloween Game Ideas

Can you believe it is already time to start thinking about Halloween?  Seriously…I feel like Halloween just happened and it’s been a year already.  My girls are already thinking about their costumes.  We will be doing our annual Disneyland Spooky Night this year, so I won’t be throwing a Halloween Party (sniff, sniff), but I will have some fun crafts and treats to share throughout the next month and a half.  Happy Dance!!

I have put together a fun list of Halloween Game Ideas.  What I love most about these ideas is how super easy they are.  For me, and I know for many of you, easy ideas=ideas that will actually get tried!

First up, Halloween Bingo.  This fun and FREE printable game comes from a fun and clever blog called Makoodle.  Bingo is always a fun game and is easily played with kids and adults and a sure fire party pleaser.  Plus, bonus…these printable cards are super cute…just don’t eat the game pieces (ok, don’t eat TOO MANY game pieces).


Here we have a fun and easy Pumpkin Bowling Halloween game from My Mix of Six.  The cute faces on the toilet paper rolls are a great touch and these “pins” won’t be loud or annoying as they are constantly knocked down.  Score!


Here is a fun Witch Pitch Carnival style candy tossing Halloween game from Oopsey Daisey.  Show off your pitching skills, or perhaps just your pure dumb luck with this fun little game.



My kids love playing concentration.  This matching Halloween game from HGTV is fun AND full of awesome prizes.  I love the eyeball tins and the water bottles for holding the treats.  GREAT idea!

I have also put together a pinterest board fun of Halloween Game Ideas and Activities to try and inspire your party planning!

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