Halloween: DIY Halloween Decor.  Looking for some fun and easy DIY Halloween ideas to decorate your home or party?  Today I am sharing some Hauntingly good Halloween ideas!! Be sure to check out all our Halloween party and decoration inspiration.DIY Halloween Decor

Halloween is almost upon us.  It’s time to get spooky with some fun and festive Halloween home decor.  I was walking through Hobby Lobby the other day and fell in love with so many Halloween decor ideas. There are so many fun Creative Costumes to shop for and there are tons of fun things to buy, but there are also tons of fun things to make…especially if you can get your kids involved in the creating!! Today I have some awesome DIY Halloween ideas to share…check it out.

#1 Trash bag Spider Webs from How About Orangespider web

First up are some wickedly cool and super inexpensive spider webs made from trash bags.  Genius right??  Not only are these cheap and easy, but they look fantastic and kinda chic!

 #2 Floating Ghosts from Love and Laundryghosts

Aren’t these just the cutest things ever??  So easy and so fun.  I especially love how they are can be cutesied up or made scary depending on the look you are going for.  So many possibilities.

 #3 Hanging foam bats from HGTVbats

These cute hanging bats are a great addition to any Halloween party…especially if it’s a kid party.  They are not too scary but still give that nice creep factor.  Nice!!

#4  Archway Mouth from Nifty, Thrifty and Thrivinghouse

This Archway mouth is so menacing…I don’t even want to step inside!!  What a great way to welcome your trick or treaters or party guests!!  Take a bit out of the fun!!

#5 DIY Halloween Lanterns from Shiftcups

These cute little lanterns are simple, colorful and fun.  This would be a great project to do with the kiddos!  Love it!

So many fun ideas.  I have also put together a pinterest board of fun DIY Halloween decoration ideas. Check it out.  Be sure to check out all our Halloween party and decoration inspiration.