Halloween Desserts that are perfect for a Kid Friendly Party!

Need some cute Halloween treats and food ideas for your Halloween party? Halloween Treats are such a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your little ones.  Here is a list of some of the cutest Halloween Treats and Halloween food ideas around!

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Ok…so I have a confession to make…Halloween, never really been my thing.  If you’re still reading this post after that confession, you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking “Who doesn’t like Halloween?”. 

☑️ These Halloween Party Items are the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!

I’m sure you are thinking of a million reasons why Halloween is amazing and I’m a loser for not being in love with all things Halloween.

Ever since I was a kid, Halloween just sorta creeped me out.  I was always kind of a scaredy cat when it came to Halloween stuff.  It always just seemed like an excuse to have people jump out at you and throw fake bugs. 

I spent most of my childhood Octobers hiding from anybody with a twisted “sense of humor”.  It was like a month long St. Patrick’s Day and I forgot my green!!!

Fast and Easy Halloween Treats

I’ve grown-up a little and have decided that Halloween is not all that bad.  Actually, I think the decoration possibilities are pretty amazing.  I carve my pumpkins and dress-up my kids.  I decorate and host.  I MIGHT even wear a little orange and black.  Just don’t be surprised if we trick or treat BEFORE it gets dark…

I’m going to put on a pair of big girl panties and get over my fear…kinda like having to kill spiders that scare my daughter (its still okay for a grown-up mom to still call her daddy to kill bugs, right???)

Frankenstein Twinkies from Bullock’s Buzz

Aren’t these Halloween Frankenstein treats absolutely adorable?  I love Twinkies so any DIY Halloween treat that incorporates a Twinkie is winning in my book!


Witchy Leg Cookie Pops from Sugarbelle

This might be one of my favorite Halloween cookies ever!  Seriously…who wouldn’t want to eat an adorable Witches shoe?  Come on!!! Adding a cookie to a paper straw is also such a great idea!!


Mummy Cookies and Oreo Pops

These mummy treats are SUPER simple to make and absolutely adorable for Halloween!  They are also perfect for throwing into lunch boxes!!

Halloween: Mummy Cupcakes, Cookies & Oreo Pops, OH MY! Get all wrapped up in some sugary Halloween fun with these Mummy Cookies, Mummy Cupcakes & Mummy Oreo Pops! #parties #halloween #baking #mummy #desserts #holiday #cupcakes

Oreo Witches Hats from Evite

This Halloween dessert idea is genius!  I love that it incorporates a yummy strawberry and an Oreo.  Covering anything in chocolate just makes my heart happy…especially Oreos!!!


Poison Apple Sugar Cookies from Angelica Made Me

So I loved the Wicked Queen from Snow White.  Are you with me?  Why not celebrate Halloween Disney Villian style with these adorable poison apple cookies?  Care for an apple dearie?


Frankenstein Rice Krispies

How about some fun and playful little Frankensteins to brighten up your Halloween party?  These are crazy easy and so, so cute!

Halloween: Frankenstein Oreos, Rice Krispies, and Cookies DIY.  Bring your party to life with some Frankenstein Oreos, Frankenstein Rice Krispies, and Frankenstein cookies!!! #halloween #frankenstein #parties #party #holiday #baking #dessert #treats #partyideas #kidparties

Halloween Cookies from Dainty Cakes by Andrea

If you are looking to have your adorable Halloween treats made by a cookie boss who knows what they are doing…these Halloween cookies are for you!! They are fun and clever and look like perfection!

Halloween Snacks

One thing I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about Halloween are Halloween Treats.  I love going to the store at Halloween time and looking at all the Halloween Treats in the candy aisle and of course…I LOVE baking my own Halloween treats.

Don’t be surprised come October 1st if my kids’ lunch boxes come to school full of homemade Halloween desserts…I might be spending all my free time turning cupcakes into monsters and goblins!!

Want to get Halloween inspired?  Some of these Halloween treats ideas are truly AMAZING…even the scary(ish) ones!!!

Marshmallow Ghost Cupcakes from Our Family of Seven

This little Halloween cupcake tutorial is awesome!  I love the easy of the marshmallow frosting and the adorable cuteness of the design.  These are a guaranteed Halloween crowd pleaser!!


Jack-O-Lantern Macarons from Eats Amazing

Let’s make some DIY Halloween macarons!!!  Using a simple food marker, you can give each of your Halloween macarons a unique little Jack-o-lantern face.


Monster Bark

Need a fun Halloween treat that can be ready in 10 minutes?  This is your treat.  Bark is easy to make and honestly, who doesn’t want some yummy chocolatey monsters?

Halloween: DIY Monster Cookies, Monster Bark & Monster Popcorn. What better for Halloween than monster cookies, monster popcorn, and monster bark??  These tutorials are so super easy and yummy...you'll want to make them again and again! #parties #baking #halloween #holiday #monster #monsterparty #kidparties #birthdays

Bat Cookies from Sugarbelle

Another killer DIY Halloween cookie idea.  These little bats are just too, too cute to eat (well almost.) I love the details on the wings.  So much fun!!!


Halloween Mini Cookies from Sweet Arts Sweets

Mini cookies are some of my favorite cookies.  These little Halloween Mini cookies would be perfect as party favors or lunch box treats.  I love the mummy cookies most of all!


Jack Skellington Oreos

Any Nightmare Before Christmas fans in the house?  These Oreos are easy and perfect for celebrating the King of Halloween!

Halloween: DIY Jack Skellington Oreo Pops.  Nightmare Before Christmas lovers rejoice!  This Jack Skellington Oreo Pops tutorial is as simple as it is cute!!! #parties #halloween #baking #diy #desserts #holiday #partyideas

Halloween Cake Pops from New York Cake Pops

Looking for some adorable cake pops?  These are perfection!  I love the cute faces and the details on these Halloween goodies!!


Halloween Marshmallow Pops from My Baking Addiction

This is one of the simpler Halloween dessert options.  While simple, they still look fantastic and would definitely be a great addition to a Halloween party spread.  Love the sprinkles!!!


Bat Cupcakes

Easy Chocolate Bat Cupcakes for the win!!!  Your little ones will LOVE these little flying fiends!!!

Halloween: DIY Bat Cupcakes & Bat Cookies. Celebrate Halloween with some super easy bat cupcakes and bat cookies. #baking #halloween #parties #food #holiday #cupcakes #cookies

I hope you are loving these Halloween treat options as much as I am.  Let’s get baking and enjoy this Halloween!!

Halloween Party Tableware + Supplies

Here are some amazing Halloween themed tableware and supplies to help you plan and set-up the best Halloween bash on the block.  These are budget friendly and oh so perfect!

Vintage Halloween Supplies from Meri Meri

Halloween Tableware from Target

Vintage Halloween Supplies from Oriental Trading

Pastel Halloween Tableware from Meri Meri

Hocus Pocus Supplies from Sweet Lulu



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Halloween: Halloween Treats and Food Ideas. Halloween Treats are such a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your little ones.  Here is a list of some of the cutest Halloween Treats and Halloween food ideas around! #halloween #treats #desserts #baking #cookies #cake #holiday #party


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