Decorations, Treats and Games for a Shark Party

Take a bite out your next birthday with some fun, easy and adorable shark party ideas.  When sharks are this cute…you’ll be begging to jump in the water.  Check out all of the shark party desserts, shark party games and shark themed decor!

Cute little sharks with fun party hats and some simple ideas to celebrate a special birthday boy are what we are talking about today.  My little man recently turned 3 and all he could talk about for weeks was the shark party I was going to throw for him.

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So of course, being the party lovin’ mama that I am, we took a bite out of partying with some fun and simple shark themed ideas.  I’m sharing all the details and the how-to for throwing your own shark birthday!



Shark Party Dessert Ideas

Planning the desserts for a birthday party are always some of the best ways to show creativity in a party!  There are so many ways to make your party stand out with desserts.

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For this party, we did a few simple desserts.  These included Shark Oreos, Shark Grahams, Shark Cupcakes, Shark Cookies, and an ombre layer cake.

The layer cake was definitely my favorite of the day.  It was accented with the cute shark printables and was perfect for a boy-ish under the sea party.

It was also fun to accent the party treats with shark tooth candy necklaces.  These were super inexpensive and added just the right amount of fun to the treat stands.  

Shark Cookies

For the shark cookies, I made my super simple and tasty sugar cookies and used royal icing to decorate them.  The cookies were displayed on trays with brown sugar in them to resemble sand.  This trick is one of my favorites for ocean themed parties.  

Firstly, the brown sugar looks like sand, so it has a beach-y feel to it.  Secondly, is gives a little depth to the plates, which helps to add texture and character to your cookies.  And lastly, it makes the table smell super delicious!

For the cookies, I created three designs.  One design was an ombre “3” with a shark bite cut out.  This design works well for any number or letter.  I used this three cookie cutter.

The second cookie design mimicked the ADORABLE shark party tableware I picked up at Target.

The third design were cute little sharks, because…duh, shark party!  These were made with a shark cookie cutter.

Want to recreate these fun cookies?  Check out the Shark Cookies Recipe and Tutorial!

Shark Cupcakes

The cupcakes were also super fun and simple to make.  I made homemade chocolate cupcakes because they are my little guy’s favorite.  I admit they would have probably looked better on the table had I made white cake cupcakes.  

I topped the cupcakes with brown sugar, frosting and cute little fondant shark fins.  I also added some of the printables for a little extra cute.  You can find the printables at the bottom fo this post!

Want to make shark fin cupcakes?  Check out this shark fin cupcake recipe and tutorial.

Shark Cake

The ombre layer cake was also delicious and themed to match the party.  With the simple addition of a cake topper, you can turn an ocean themed cake into a shark or mermaid themed party cake so easily.  

Making an ombre layer cake is actually quite simple.  I have an easy to follow tutorial available.  I also made an ombre layer cake last year for Rowdy’s 2nd Taco TWOS-day party

So delish!

Shark Graham Crackers

Another fun shark themed treat was these shark graham crackers.  To make these you just need graham crackers, frosting, white sugar pearls and gummy shark candies

Simple frost the graham crackers half way with frosting.  You can buy blue frosting or use food coloring to make any white frosting blue.  Place a shark candy onto the frosting and place little sugar pearls floating up to the top of the “water”.

Super simple and fun for little kids to enjoy!

Shark Oreos

We also had shark Oreos.  Using teal and white candy melts, and an Oreo pop tray, I melted the candy and swirled it in the tray, placed an Oreo inside the mold and allowed them to cool in the fridge until hardened. 

Then with a small dollop of melted candy, I attached a gummy shark to the top of the covered Oreo.  

It was another simple and yummy shark themed treat.

Shark Decorations

Whoo! Now let’s talk about decor!  Styling an ocean themed party is always pretty simple.  If you can get some “waves” and some “sand”, you are pretty much in business.

I used my diy ruffled table skirt to add the waves and the burlap, brown sugar and wood accents for that sandy feel. 

A balloon garland over the table is a simple backdrop idea that can work on pretty much any wall.  Grab some blues, whites, and grays and you have a fun shark balloon garland.

For the welcome sign, I paired the printable sign with a burlap wrapped foam wreath.  The texture of the burlap is a fun way to jazz up your front door and set the tone for your party!

I styled this party around the absolutely adorable shark party tableware from Target.  The playful sharks were frankly too good to pass up!  I instantly fell in love with the design!  So cute!

Shark Party Table

Speaking of cute tableware…these shark plates were absolutely perfect for setting up the little kids’ table for the party.  From the fun tablecloth to the cute shark face plates.  It was such a fun party to style!

I added wooden placemats and simple name tags to the table.  It was such a fun little design.

Here is my cute little birthday boy all ready to turn THREE!

Shark Printables

For this shark birthday I created some fun shark themed printables.  These playful little sharks have cute party hats and teethy grins.  

The printables are accented with bright orange and watercolor waves so they coordinate so nicely with the tableware.

You can purchase these printables for instant download here:




Shop this Party

Looking for the party supplies used in this shark birthday?  

Here are some helpful links for styling this party for yourself:

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Shark Party Games

Once you have all the cute decor and yummy shark treats figured out, it’s time to think about games.  There are so many fun ideas for entertaining you little ones at a shark party.  Here are some of the games we played:

Water games for a Shark Party

First of all, you can’t go wrong with water games.  If you are lucky enough to have a pool or beach access…that’s perfect.  If not, get creative in your backyard, like we did with plastic swimming pools, water gun and a splash pad

These boys sure loved playing in the water!

DIY Shark Fins

We also made fun shark fins so they could wear them while they played.  My 9 year old actually made these completely on her own (that’s how easy they are) out of cardboard.  

She cut shark fins and rectangles out of the cardboard, painted them gray and glued them together.  Then she looped ribbon on the rectangle corners so the boys could wear them on their arms.  Fun!


Shark Party Favors

Sedning your guests home with fun favors is simple with these adorable favor bags.  Add some shark themed goodies, orange tissue paper and the favor tags from the printable set and your favors are done in a flash!


Conclusion for Shark Party Ideas:

Get in the party spirit with a fun shark themed party.  This cute theme is fun and perfect for a little boy’s party.  With cute decor, easy desserts and fun games…you can throw a killer shark party without stressing over all the small details.

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