Back to School: Back to School Sign.  Looking for a a fun back to school photo op?  How about a Back to School Sign??  Be sure to also check out all of our Back to School Ideas and Inspiration!

DIY BTS Sign2014I can’t believe my big girl is starting KINDERGARTEN this year! It doesn’t seem real…and ok, I’ll admit it…the first day of school I totally balled like a baby. Actually, I was doing quite good. I was proud of myself for holding it together.  I stood and waved to my little princess as she waved back with her nervous-excited smile.  She walked into the building with her huge backpack full of snacks and pencil grips and my three year old and I turned and headed for the car.  I was doing great.  Then in the middle of the parking lot my little Emma says “Mommy, can we just wait in the car until Aubrey’s done with school?  I don’t want to go home without her.” with tears streaming down her sweet baby face.  And so I lost it…in the parking lot, crying like a big baby while MY big baby had a great first day!!

Again this year, I made my daughter a Back to School Sign using my Back to School Sign Tutorial.  The best part this year was also getting tomake one for the first time for my 3 year old as she started preschool!! So big!!

IMG_5065 IMG_5070 IMG_5087So I know I’m completely biased because they are mine, but I think they look pretty stinking cute!!!

IMG_5060 IMG_5081One additional fun thing I did with the photos this year was to photograph my younger daughter in the exact same dress that I used for my older daughter two years ago.  Not only does it make an adorable side by side photo to compare how similar and different they look at 3, but my little one was super excited to wear the same dress.  Anything to make hand-me-downs cool, right??

IMG_5073 IMG_7639-568x800


Happy Back to School!!! Be sure to also check out all of our Back to School Ideas and Inspiration!