Back to School: Aubrey’s Pre-K Back to School Photos. I’m sharing my big girl’s Back to School sign and photos. We used the same back to school sign from last year. Here is the Back to School Sign Tutorial in case you missed it:IMG_1201

I just love Back to School photos. Don’t you?  It’s such a fun way to celebrate and commemorate your children as they grow.  Even writing this post…I’m looking back at my daughter’s first day of school last year.  She has grown soooo much.  Last year she looked like such a little baby. This year, little a little girl.  It’s crazy how time flies!

For Aubrey’s first day of school this year, we used the same sign from last year’s Back to School Sign Tutorial.  Here are a couple of tricks I picked up when it comes to re-using chalk board canvases.  First…when using the Chalk Marker, unlike regular chalk, the chalk ink will become difficult to rub off over time.  My suggestions: either use it and erase promptly (I’m not talking lightening speed or anything, but don’t let it sit un-erased in your garage all year long like I did.)  or if you do opt to leave it be, wipe the canvas down with a wet rag and then put a quick second coat of chalk board spray paint over the canvas and let dry before reusing.  Either way, you can still reuse your chalkboard year after year:)

IMG_1212 IMG_1196


I completely fell in love with this little dress for her this year.  I knew with her dark brown hair and big brown eyes, she would look like Audrey Hepburn. I am definitely a sucker for the classic look.  She loved it too.  Perfection!!!  I have to share the back with you too…IMG_1228Yeah…I basically love it. She was pretty stinking cute with her little dress and sign and her fun teacher gift. Back to School=Awesome. Just saying!

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