Want an Easy Hot Cocoa Recipe? Of course you do!!
I LOVE coffee and hot cocoa.  I have a bit of an addiction:) I drink way, way way too much of the stuff.  I’m a big fan of dark roast coffee with a nice bold flavor…and now I want a cup!!!
In planning my little 2 yr. old’s 2nd penguin birthday party, I wanted to include a little treat for the grown-ups and give myself a little jolt of caffeine.  So I decided to include a coffee and hot cocoa bar.
For the bar itself, I cut long strips of fabric and tied them onto a piece of PVC pipe that we hung from the ceiling with little hooks and fishing wire. It was super easy and put a nice break between the bar and the kitchen area. I used a homemade chalk board to make a “Coffee & Hot Cocoa” sign to let guests know where the yummy stuff was at.
The cute little straws ans flags helped to access the coffee mugs and pull the design together.  The hot cocoa mix was put into a large glass jar for easy access and looked super cute with one of the 4″ circles attached to it.  I also wrapped a little ribbon around the jar and secured with some hot glue to accent the 4″ circle. I lined up all the add-ins for the coffee and cocoa. My personal favorite was the pumpkin syrup…I’m a sucker for pumpkin lattes!!

Fondant Cupcake Topper: Edible Details Photography: rachelk Photography

The Hot Cocoa mix is super easy to make and store and also works great as an add-in to coffee.
Here is the Hot Cocoa Recipe:
16 oz instant chocolate mix
8 qt box powered milk
2 cups powered sugar
16 oz instant non-dairy creamer
Mix all together.  Use 1/2 cup mix to one cup of hot water.
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