Now that my little princess is officially three and starting preschool, we have stepped up our learning at home. At least two days a week, we have begun working on the 3 R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic…is it strange to anyone else that only one of the 3 R’s actually starts with an “R”???

Aubrey loves learning. She loves new letters and letter sounds. She also loves doing crafts (Gee, I wonder where she gets that from…) Watching mommy working inspires her to make parties too, which is always super cute. I will be working on a custom design and she will say “Is that party for a boy or a girl?” and then “What’s her name?” and then she will grab her iPad and open up a drawing app and start “helping” make the party. It’s actually pretty precious!!!

Watching how excited she gets over crafts and art, I decided that I needed to track down some fun crafty ways to work on learning the alphabet…I mean who honestly wouldn’t rather make a giant G into a giraffe or play with homemade alphabet crayons then just sit and write letters over and over and over again.

I compiled some fun and super creative Alphabet Crafts into a pinterst board…check it out…On the agenda for today….we are baking alphabet cookies…

These are super easy and very fun…if you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe, whip up a batch…if you aren’t baking inclined or just wanna save some time, slice and bake cookie dough is pretty awesome and very inexpensive and easy to use.

Roll ot the dough with a little flour and use some easy cookie cutters like these Wilton 50 Piece ABC & 123 Cookie Cutter Set. Then bake according to your recipe and frost with bright colored frosting. Not only will you have some bonding time with your child, but this learning is YUMMY!!!

It’s as easy as A-B-C!!!