Thanksgiving: Turkey in Disguise School Project.  Today I’m sharing some fun turkey disguise ideas to do with your little ones. These are perfect for Thanksgiving school projects or just hanging out at home crafting with your kiddos. Be sure to checkout all our Thanksgiving ideas and inspirations.

Turkey in disguiseSo fall at school is apparently the time of the crazy, crafty projects.  My little first grader has been a whirlwind of detailed, creative projects.  The turkey disguise projects had the crafty party lady side of me was screaming “Wahoo…let’s get crafting!”, while the busy busy working mom side of me was in tears on the bathroom floor….”Can’t a girl just get an evening off???”  Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit (lot), but coming up with an awesome Turkey in Disguise sent me to my favorite place (the couch with my iPad and the pinterst app) to look for some inspiration.

I found a few awesome ideas, my favorites I’m sharing below.  My daughter, however, had her little heart set on DARTH VADER.  You know that moment when you realize you are an awesome mom and are doing things right?  Yeah…it’s when your 6 year old girl chooses Darth Vader.  Just saying…

Here is our turkey in disguise:
IMG_5123IMG_5128And of course, my little sweetie proudly displaying her turkey project.  It was actually pretty simple to do.  Here is the Turkey Template we used. We traced the pieces out on copy paper and cut them up in the different colors.  Then we cut them out of construction paper and glued it all on the card stock template.  We then “helped” my daughter draw on the details.

Here are a few other ideas.

1. Popcorn Turkey

Cute, right??  I love that they used real popcorn.  Adorbs!!855b1a5700495ecf446f23aba82688a8

2. Mermaid Turkey

Come on, who doesn’t love Ariel?  I’m pretty sure they cut off the feet to do this as well….sorry turkey:(


3. Wonder Woman Turkey

Wonder Woman!  Girl power, turkey style.  LOVE it!!683cc8b027f47c0813ad8326635a5c31Check out all the fun Turkey Disguise ideas on my pinterest board.

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