Baby Shower: Ties and Bowties, Oh My! Looking for a fun baby shower theme for a sweet little man?  I’m sharing a sweet little baby boy shower today.  Check out all of my boy baby shower items and inspiration.

Bowtie Pics

Baby showers are super fun.  I love all the sweet, soft frilly girl things for baby girls and all the masculine little fancy boy things for little boys.  One of my favorite boy baby shower themes is ties and bowties.  It’s simple and oh so boyish, but still can be cutesy for the mama-to-be!!  The shower I have to share today was styled by Tiersha from Parties by Tiersha.  Check out the cuteness…

whole table

I love how she incorporated the maternity picture into the table. A little tip for using photos as decorations: Sometimes you have the perfect picture but the colors are oh so wrong.  Simple fix…print the picture in black and white and it instantly matches instead of clashes with your decor.  You can convert a photo to black white with most free photo software and at most printing places (online or in person.)  water bottles Having your guests address their own envelopes is a great idea to cut down on the turnaround time and workload of the guest of honor…’cause let’s face it…she’s about to be a new mom and babies take time:)thank yous



I love how she used the mini banner on the photo like this as well.  Adorable!  This printable baby shower package also includes diaper raffle tickets.  Diaper raffles are great ways to build up that oh so important stash of diapers.  I remember my friends and family that gave me diapers before my sweet Aubrey was born.  It was always those moments when you realized your baby was too big for the newborn diapers and you already had a package of size 1’s to tide you over until shopping day that you were most grateful for the diaper raffle!! Winning!!!

Diaper raffle


banner with plantsWanna throw a Ties and Bowties Baby Shower?

baby boy baby shower

The Printable Ties and Bowties Baby Shower Collection is available for purchase in my shop: