Balloon Baby Shower: She’s About to POP! Today I’m sharing a Balloon Baby Shower  styled for a sweet mama!  Be sure to check out all our Baby Shower inspiration.

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Ok…so ever see a pregnant lady and think “wow, she’s about to pop!”?  Well, that was my inspiration for this Balloon themed party.  I thought to myself…self, why not play up the belly!  And what better to pop than balloons?  Balloons are awesome, right?  They are cute, they float, every child EVERYWHERE is obsessed with them as soon as they see them.

This baby shower was for a friend of mine and her new baby boy (who is absolutely perfect!)  I wanted the boyish charm to play through the design, while still having a bright feel.  We went with a light blue polka dot sky and bright red and lime and blue and yellow and orange balloons.  Everything was accented with bold stripes.  It was seriously fun to plan! Check it out…

IMG_2217 IMG_2379 IMG_2242

IMG_2339 IMG_2273

Decorations: For the Table, I made white puffy clouds out of fleece and hung them over the table to give the sky a little wavy 3-D feel.  The clouds were super easy to make.   Check out the cloud backdrop tutorial to make these yourself! I loved the contrast between the light blue dots and the bright stripes, so I used striped ribbon, colorful striped straws and wrapping paper to make the colors pop. This worked out perfectly with the colors and patterns in the Balloon Baby Shower printables.

IMG_2222 IMG_2219

Food: We had a super yummy dessert table. For the treats, there was snickerdoodles with adorable fondant balloons from Edible Designs by Letty, Yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cake and amazingly yummy balloon shaped cakepops from Nikki’s Cakepops.  We also had coffee, lemonade, and a bunch of healthy treats and dips.

IMG_2267 IMG_2256




IMG_2276 IMG_2114


Here is my cutie pie eating one of the super yummy balloon cake pops. I seriously think she ate about 5 of them..they were that good!!!IMG_2364



IMG_2309 IMG_2395




IMG_2170 IMG_2413






Party Styling, Printables and Photography:

Mimi’s DollhouseFondant: Edible Designs by Letty


The CupcakeryCakepops: Nikki’s Cakepops

She's About to pop baby shower

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