Balloon Baby Shower: DIY Cloud Tutorial.  Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make the cloud and balloon backdrop from my Balloon Baby Shower.  Be sure to also check out all our Baby Shower Ideas and backdrop pic

This backdrop was so super easy to make and turned out to be one of my favorite designs!  When I set out to make this particular table, I really wanted the clouds to pop…Literally!  So I made them three dimensional.

Here’s how to do it…


  • 2 yards of white fleece
  • Sharpie marker
  • Blue Floss thread
  • large sewing needle
  • stuffing fiber
  • scissors
  • clear fishing wire
  • oval shaped canvas (for balloons)
  • ribbon (for balloons)
  • paint (for balloons)
  • paint brush (for balloons)

Step 1:

Lay the white fleece out of the ground or a large table.  Make sure the fleece is folded so that it has two layers. Use your sharpie to draw out clouds of various shapes and sizes on the top layer of fleece.


Step 2:

Cut out the fleece clouds through both layers of fleece so that you get two identical pieces for each cloud.


Step 3:

Using the needle and floss, loosely sew the two pieces together until there is only a small section left that you can fit your hand into.  Make sure the the edge you drew on is turned wither inside or to the back of the cloud.


Step 4:

Fill the cloud loosely with the stuffing fiber and finish the sewing around the additional edge.

Step 5:

hang the cloud from the ceiling using fishing wire.


To add balloons:

Draw an off centered oval on the oval shaped canvas.  Using the darker color paint, paint outside the oval you drew.  mix your paint with a little white paint to make the center oval.  Add a few dots to the corner with white to complete the balloon.  Tie a long piece of ribbon for the tail to the bottom of the balloon and hang amongst the clouds with fishing wire.


Easy peasy, right!!  And look how cute it came together.
IMG_2217Wanna throw a Balloon Baby Shower?

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