Monkey Party: Emma’s Monkey Party-Activities.  If you want to monkey around at your monkey birthday party…you definitely need to check out these amazing monkey party ideas!!

Looking for more Monkey party ideas?  Be sure to check out this Monkey headband tutorial and this diy ruffled tableskirt (used in this party)!

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What’s a monkey party without some fun monkey games?  When I put together a small children, I like to have several different stations set up for the kids to play/interact with.  I typically don’t structure times for the different activities, but let the kids move freely among the options.  This helps with sharing and waiting at traffic jams.  It also helps me space out some pictures…I love party photos!  Don’t you?

Today I am sharing some of the different monkey party games and stations we set up for the little monkeys to enjoy…

1. The photo friendly monkey bench.

This one was awesome and oh so easy…firstly, kids love to ham it up for the camera. Giving them a sweet little photo booth (ok, bench) was perfect.  I hung a simple fabric banner behind a coordinating bench and laid out a few prop monkeys and let the kids sit and pose to their hearts’ content. Trust me the photos are worth it!!!



2.  Dress like a Monkey

Each little monkey got a homemade pair of monkey ears.  These were adorable, especially on the littlest monkeys.  They were easy to make (tutorial coming soon) and a great way to get the kiddos in the monkey party mood!

Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse


3.  Monkey coloring.

Coloring stations are perfect for little monkeys.  I downloaded some cute curious george photos from the internet (a cheap coloring book also accomplishes the same task) and let the kids color their own little monkey photos.  This was especially popular with the girls.  Girls just like to color!!


Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse

4. Pin the Banana on the Monkey.

This fun game lets the kids take a shot at putting the banana in the monkey’s hand.  Fun for all, even if they wouldn’t wear the blindfolds!!  The graphics for this game can be purchased here.


Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse


5. Adopt a Monkey.

Each little monkey got to take home a little monkey of their own to love.  We even had Monkey Adoption Certificates for the kids to fill out promising love and care for their adopted little monkeys.  These also double as party favors for the kids.  I love fun favors that work well with the theme like these.  Winning!!






6. Monkey Mouth Bean Bag Toss.

Banana Bean Bags, A large Monkey head, and eager little kids…yeah, we had a blast.

Monkey Party: Bean Bag Toss Tutorial-Mimi's Dollhouse

Monkey Party: Bean Bag Toss Tutorial-Mimi’s Dollhouse

Let’s go bananas…I’m sharing a fun tutorial for a Monkey Party game today.

Having a monkey party and looking for ways to entertain your little menagerie?  How about a Banana Bean Bag Toss?  The bananas are super simple…the monkey face takes a little more skill, but can always be simplified to your particular crafting comfort level…


  • Felt, Yellow and Brown
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (or a needle for the old fashioned way!!)
  • Bean Bag Filler Plastic Pellets
  • Safety pins
  • Thin wood sheet or foam poster board
  • Construction or scrapbook paper (various colors)
  • Jig Saw (for wood) or knife (for foam board)
  • Glue

Cut the Yellow Felt into two identical banana shaped pieces, leaving about .5 inch extra around the shape on all sides. Sew around all but the tip of the banana.



Turn the felt inside out and press out the felt to shape.


Using the bean bag filler fill the banana to desired consistency.  Cut the brown felt into strips and wrap around end of the banana.  Be sure to cover all open sections of the yellow felt.  Secure with safety pins.  Sew around the edges of the brown felt making the nub of the banana.


With either wood or foam board, trace out the outline of the monkey face.  Cut the wood with a jigsaw or the foam board with a large knife around the head and the inside of the mouth.  Using the construction or scrapbook paper, cut out shapes to make the monkey face and bow. Glue to the board.

Enjoy hours of playing with your monkey face!!


 7. Party Favors.

And of course…party favors.  Since the monkeys had all been adopted, we needed to send their new owners home with some Monkey food (aka candy bananas in a tube).  For the larger monkeys, we also had monkey lollipops and Monkey Bars (chocolate!!!).

Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse


Monkey Party: Emma's Monkey Party-Activities-Mimi's Dollhouse


8. Hot Dog Bar

monkey hot dog bar pic

Coming up with party food…you either love it or you hate it:)  Some parties, the food is so easy.  It just fits together so neatly.  And then there are those parties that it just seems like finding ideas is soooo hard! Of course, being totally type A means that I basically obsess over these little details, even when they are easy!

For my baby girl’s monkey party, there were of course tons of monkey food ideas I went through, but my little Emma LOVES Hot Dogs.  LOVES them!!  I knew I wanted to serve hot dogs at her party, but I didn’t want to just put hot dogs out on the table:)  So I decided to make a hot dog bar…and she FLIPPED!  Monkeys and hot dogs may not seem like the most logical of choices, but for my little monkey…it was a match made in monkey heaven!!

I turned our kitche counters into a “Monkey Bar” to serve up the hotdogs and ALL the fixins…


To make the Hot Dog Bar extra super awesome, I made signs with several famous hot dog recipes signs so all the party guests could try some of the country’s most popular hot dogs.  Some of the topping ideas were so yummy too…I don’t think I can go back to eating hot dogs without cucumbers again!!


My absolute favorite, however, is the Cincinnati Chili Dog and of course serving Cincinnati Chili, it just didn’t seem right to leave out the Nacho Cheese and chips, so we threw in some Monkey Nachos too!!food6

This idea was about as yummy as it was cute!

We had a blast monkeying around!!!

Looking for more Monkey party ideas?  Be sure to check out this Monkey headband tutorial and this diy ruffled tableskirt (used in this party)!

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