Must See, Amazing Big Top Birthday Party!

Come one, come all to the Birthday Circus.  Step right up for a Circus Birthday Party!  If you dream of lions and clowns and swinging from the trapeze…you need this party! Be sure to check out all our Circus Party Ideas!!

Carnival party

When you think circus? what comes to mind?  Popcorn? Lions? Tents full of smiling kids?  Yeah…me too.  What’s better than wrapping all that yummy goodness up with a big birthday bow?

Throwing a CIRCUS PARTY?
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Have I mentioned that Circuses are freaking awesome?  ‘Cuz, well…they are.  You know what else is freaking awesome?  This Circus party styled by Karolina from Karo’s Fun Land.  She styled this amazing party for her nephews’ 5th birthday.  


I adore the colors and the way she really brought the circus to life!  If you aren’t familiar with her work, you should definitely check it out. She is extremely talented and always has a great vision for how to make a party really come to life.


For this party, she wanted an animal parade…aren’t they cute?

So many bright colors and patterns.  I can practically smell the popcorn from here (ok technically I can smell popcorn, but that’s because I am eating some while I write this post….but you get it:) )


How to Throw a Circus Birthday Party

Throwing a circus party does not have to be a headache!  It might seem like, with so many different elements going on, it might an overwhelming theme.  Actually, the opposite is true.  With so many possibilities…you can truly let your imagination run wild.



Circus Birthday Food

When planning your menu, you can have a fun mixture of classic circus foods mixed with some fun and creative ideas. 

Classic options include foods like popcorn, peanuts (bonus points if they are still in the shell), cotton candy and hotdogs.  Basically think of thing you would BUY if you went to the circus.

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Creative party food options include things like cake pops with circus colored sprinkles, clown nose marshmallows, and animal shaped cookies.




This party has a great circus tent feel.  I love the red stripes on the back drop.  Adorable!!  Even the condiments got dressed up for the occasion!  Can’t beat that:)


Circus Decor

A simple idea for decorating for a big top themed party is to focus on the classic red and white stripes.  This is the simplest and most iconic approach.  Along with the fun circus stripes, you can also center decor around cute animals (like these fun circus plates).  


Highlighting different animals is an easy way to really showcase the circus feel of the party.  This particular design has lots of animals in party hats.  It’s like party animal meets carnival in a fun way!



What circus party would be complete without some yummy peanuts?  And of course, they adorable cookies….LOVE. THEM.


The clown noses are one of my favorite details.  Cute and super yummy.  To make these, dip large marshmallows in red chocolate and allow to cool.  Easy peasy!




Here are some suggestions for party tableware and decorations to compliment this theme:



Layering tissue fans is a great way to add some dimension to the backdrop of your party table!


Don’t you love these giant lollipops?  Layered on the colored sixlets…they are perfect!




Isn’t the cake adorable?  I love the details!






Collages24And of course a giant jar of animal crackers….ummm yeah:)


Happy Birthday Ghabriel and Winster!

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