Under the Big Top Circus Food Ideas and Party Decorations

Let’s Clown Around with some Circus Party Ideas.   Styling a Circus Party has never been so easy.  All you need are some fantastic circus ideas! Looking to throw a Circus Party?  Be sure to check out this adorable Carnival Party.

I love the circus! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a trapeze flyer.  I thought they were sooooo cool.  Flying through the air without a net.  Basically…amazing.  Now as an adult, when I see the crazy daring performers, I always wonder at what point do they decide that they are good to go without the net?  

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I mean, what happens if they aren’t really ready?  Oops?  Also…how do you discover that you are good at something like that?  Hmmm….I think today I will try flying.  Perhaps I’m just a scaredy cat. Circus themes for parties are also basically amazing!

Circus Themed Party Ideas

There are a million cool ideas that can transform your party into a trip to the circus.  Plus, bonus…the games are always a big hit!!  I’ve compiled some of my favorite circus party ideas. Check it out…

Vintage Circus Paper Fans from Blush Balloon Party

Aren’t these just gorgeous?  Paper fans are so easy to use and make a fantastic backdrop for any dessert table or photo booth!


Circus Cake Topper from Cardstock Creations Co.

Here is a super cute cake topper that would be perfect paired with ay homemade or store bought cake.  So bright and fun!


Carnival Balloons from Amazon

Ok..so honestly, what kid wouldn’t love these adorable balloons?  They are fun and festive.  


Circus Letters from Awesome Paper Creation

Jazz up your party with some adorable circus themed letters.  This is perfect for highlighting the birthday kiddo’s age!


Circus Noses by Simple Little Details

Looking for an inexpensive way to automatically get everyone into the party mood?  Grab some red foam noses and get clowning around!!


Lion Cage Wagon from Style Me Pretty

So this tutorial is for an awesome Halloween costume.  It is also the perfect first or seceond birthday photo op and outfit for your little ones to wear to their party.  I want to make this right. now.


Circus Food Ideas

No party is complete without some delicious themed desserts and treats.  These fun circus themed desserts are sure to be a hit for any under the big top party! Check them out…


Animal Cracker Popcorn from Two Sisters Crafting

You know foods that taste as amazing as they look???  THIS.  I love the frosted animal crackers, so this is like a party food dream come true!!  Plus, it’s easy to make!!


Dumbbell Marshmallow Pops by Jazzie’s Crafty Creations.

These are adorable!  They also appear super easy to make.  Such a cute idea. 4e5ac583b90f863244090a785ba40844


Twinkie Hot Dog on a Stick by Oh Sugar Events.

The only thing better than a Circus hand dipped corndog…twinkies made to look like corndogs!  How clever.  Love it! DSCN4206


Clown Cupcakes by Landolakes.

These adorable clown cupcakes are super cute.  I love the use of different candies to made the clown faces.  Super clever.

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Circus Cake Topper from Party Favors Miami

Here are some fun little fondant animals that would be perfect atop any circus themed cake or even cupcakes.  Adorable and edible!


Circus Cookies by Shop Cookie Couture.

I love these adorable cookies.  My favorite is the cotton candy!  So fun!!


Fondant Animals by Edible Designs by Letty.

What party spread would be complete without some AMAZING fondant toppers? These 3D circus animals take the cake!!! I love the monkey!!il_570xN.428050747_hkpe



Circus Popcorn Cupcakes from Mess for Less

These are easy and fun to make….and they are super duper cute!!!  This would definitely be a hit for a circus party!! Wrap your cupcakes to look like popcorn!!


Clown Nose Marshmallows from Karo’s Fun Land

Want an easy food option?  Dip some large marshmallows into red chocolate and serve up some clown noses!!!  Awesomesauce!! Circus party ideas


Here are some suggestions for party tableware and decorations to compliment this theme:

Here is some adorable tableware you can grab as well from Sweet Lulu:

Here are some helpful links for throwing a Circus themed Party:


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