Step Right Up for a Dumbo inspired Carnival Party!

Bright colored circus print, delicious peanuts and the chance to celebrate everyone’s favorite little elephant?  Celebrate your next birthday or movie night with some adorable Dumbo party ideas!  This Carnival themed party is sure to excite and inspire!  Grab your favorite feather and fly on into this Dumbo themed event!

Have you seen an elephant fly? I remember watching the orginal Dumbo cartoon and wishing I could see a REAL elephant fly.  Fast forward a few decades and my dreams have *almost* come true! 

With the release of the new Live Action Dumbo Movie, I’ve been able to live the dream of seeing a real elephant fly across the screen (with the help of movie magic of course!)

☑️ This Carnival Party Kit is the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!

It’s that nostalgic love of all things Dumbo that made me FLIP for this adorable Dumbo themed Carnival Party from Cutefetti.  It’s simplicity is easy to recreate, but still breathtakingly fantastic!  Personally, I think parties that impress on a budget are my absolute favorite. 

I hope you enjoy this high flying party as much as my two year old enjoys rewatching Dumbo every day and I enjoy watching him fall in love with one of my favorite stories!!!

Check out the amazing details…

Throwing a party with a Dumbo Theme

Did you know that a Carnival style party is a super popular theme?  Particularly for little kids birthdays.  I think its the bright colors and all the creative options for decorations and games.  It’s one of my personal favorite themes also.


When it comes to throwing a Carnival party, though…thinking a little outside the box and doing something unique and creative is always a good idea.  Focusing on a favorite element of a circus or carnival, like the ferris wheel or the carnival games, or even specific carnival food can be an amazing twist.

That’s what makes the Dumbo inspired Carnival Party so perfect.  It’s a fun classic twist on a popular theme.  If you are a lover of all things Dumbo, or have a little one who loves Dumbo (guilty!!)…this is a great party theme for a birthday, or even just a fun movie night!

Dumbo Party Ideas

Fact: Putting together a fun and themed party does not have to be super complicated or even expensive!  

This party is that perfect meeting of fun creative ideas and simplicity that makes each detail stand out instead of getting lost in a sea of ideas.

When it comes to styling a Dumbo party…focus on the things that make Dumbo unique.  Things like his big ears and his cute little feather.  Adding in these fun little details will give your Carnival themed event a little special charm.

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Let’s talk about some of the details from this party:

Dumbo Party Food Ideas

First up…let’s talk food.  When it comes to party planning, there are some typical food options that people typically expect at a party.  Things like cake, cupcakes, and depending on the time of day and type of party, finger foods or a meal.  

These foods can often be themed creatively for a party.  You can also incorporate some less typical on point foods…like these below:

Simple Dumbo Feather Cupcakes

Simple homemade or store bought cupcakes can be turned instantly into inspired Dumbo Cupcakes with the addition of a sweet little feather.  These golden feather cupcake toppers are perfect for a little touch of Dumbo magic and do not require special skills or baking prowess. 

If you desire a pop of color, try displaying them in cute carnival print cupcake liners. I recommend still baking them in regular cupcake liners and adding these after the fact so they retain their vibrant colors and shape!



Popcorn is a super simple and inexpensive treat.  Dressed up in these vintage style popcorn bags, they make a great themed addition to the party.


You can’t have an elephant party without peanuts, right?  Not only are these perfect for a Dumbo theme…they are also perfectly Carnival!  The addition of vintage style peanut bags (with an adorable elephant print of course) makes them just that much more adorable!


Dumbo inspired Carnival Party Decorations

Simple and inspired dumbo themed food is just the beginning.  Want to hear about some fun and simple Carnival style Dumbo decor? 

Simple ideas like a ticket roll and party hats make fun details to include on the party table.


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Here are some of fun decorations that make this party stellar:

Simple Budget Friendly Tulle Garland

Table cloths and table skirts can be simple additions to a fun party table. For this party, an easy homemade tulle garland is perfection.  Swing by Cutefetti for the easy tutorial on how to recreate this garland.


Carnival Party Supplies

Of course, the focal point for this fun party is definitely the Carnival decorations.  Simple a colorful.  You can track these down at Party City to use for your party.

Also, if you are looking for quick links to individual items from this party, scroll down to the bottom of the post! 


Additional Carnival Party Ideas

Still looking for more Carnival inspired party ideas?  Here are a few bonus ideas that we love for this theme:

Carnival Food Ideas

Yummy and adorable Circus style food ideas that you can make or buy to compliment your special day:

Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes from Dear Crissy

Here is yummy cupcake alternative for a carnival party.  What little kid doesn’t like animal cookies?


Carnival Cookies from Sweet Shop Design

Here gorgeous cookies would definitely step up any carnival dessert table.  Custom cookies are one of my FAVORITE splurges!


Cotton Candy Cupcakes from Cooking Classy

Cotton Candy is definitely an iconic carnival food.  Adding it to the top of cupcakes…well its kinda genius!


Easy Cupcake Toppers from HWTM

Cute cupcake toppers for a fun way to dress up simple cupcakes.  Aren’t they adorable?


Carnival Decorations

Additional Carnival themed decor that can help you create the perfect party:

Carnival Birthday Party from Wholesale Party Supplies

Here is a fun and slightly more elaborate carnival party table.  It’s still super budget friendly, just with a completely different feel!


Carnival Happy Birthday Banner from Cardstock Creation Co.

A simple and fun carnival inspired way to say “Happy Birthday”!  Cute banners are great to decorate walls and for photo props!


Carnival Photo Booth from American Greetings

This photo booth is simple, yet would be a great compliment to a dumbo party.  It also allows for fun and memorable photos!


Carnival Paper Fans from Blush Balloon Party

If you love the vintage carnival feel of this party…these vintage paper fans would be great accents to the decorations.


Shop this Party:

Want to recreate this adorable party?  Here are some quick links to find the items used to create this fun Dumbo movie viewing party!

Carnival Dessert Plates

Carnival Beverage Napkins

Carnival Balloons

Popcorn Bags

Peanut Bags

Gold Feather Cupcake Toppers


Conclusion for Dumbo Party Ideas:

Looking for amazing ideas to throw a big top inspired Dumbo Party?  These Carnival decor ideas are perfect for a budget-friendly birthday or even Dumbo movie night.  Clean and classy…you will love the simplicity of the the party and how unique and adorable the set up is!  


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