Monkey Party: DIY Monkey Headband Tutorial.  Looking for a fun way to take your Monkey Party to the next level.  I’m sharing a cute DIY Monkey Headband Tutorial today.  Be sure to check out all of our Monkey Party Ideas and Inspiration as well as the Girly Monkey Party these headbands were featured in.

Monkey Headbands PicFor my little Emma’s Monkey party, I made some fun Monkey Ear Headbands for all the kiddos to wear.  These were super cute and the kids LOVED them.  They also made for some great photo ops!!  (I love me some good photo ops!!)

Today I’m sharing how to make them with all of y’all:)


Step 1: Cut The felt into half circles about an inch bigger than you would like the finished ears to be.  You will need to cut 2 pieces of brown felt and 1 smaller piece of tan felt per ear (two ears per head band=4 large brown and 2 small tan pieces per headband)
IMG_1592 Step 2: Sew the small tan piece into the center of one of the brown pieces.  Turn that piece upside down and sew the large brown piece onto another brown piece (the tan piece should be on the inside.)IMG_1697 Step 3: Trim off the excess brown felt. Turn the Ear inside out and trim the edges of the tan piece.IMG_1700 Step 4: Cut a paper plate so that it fits inside of the ear and the rounded edge fits inside the ear.IMG_1598 Step 5: Put the plate inside the ear.  Make sure the plate doesn’t extend too far down the ear so you don’t end up sewing through the plate.  Your sewing machine needles will thank you!!IMG_1702 Step 6: Fold the edge over and sew it closed about 3/4″ from the fold. This will give you a slit at the bottom of each ear that you can slide the plastic headband into.IMG_1709 Step 7: Slide the ears onto the headband and fold them forward so they stick out. The paper plate will help make the ears stand out.IMG_1705 Fairly easy and super cute when you are all finished….Check out little Monkey Emily…isn’t she a cutie:)IMG_6921e

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