Amazing Crocodile Birthday Party Ideas + Supplies!

Whether you are channeling your inner Peter Pan or just love the sharp teeth and green scales of a giant crocodile, these crocodile party ideas are sure to inspire! It’s epic crocodile birthday party time.  Are you ready to explore the swampy goodness?  We are talking crocodile party decorations, food ideas and so much more!

Crocodile Party Pic

How adorable is this party?  I love the rustic feel and the colors.  They are PERFECT for a Crocodile themed party.  When my friend Virginie from That Cute Little Cake contacted me about making some custom printables for her son Romain’s 4th birthday Crocodile Party…I was super excited.  

☑️ This Crocodile Party Kit is the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!

 It was so much fun to make and I hearing her ideas…I knew it would be awesome sauce.  Check out the details.

Crocodile Birthday Ideas

This crocodile party was inspired by a little boy’s love for Tic Toc Croc!  I can’t think of a better little boy party theme!  Move over Crocodile Dundee…It’s party time!

I also love how Virginie incorporated plants into the design.  It really makes you feel like you are hanging out in the swamp.  If swamps were adorable children’s parties with yummy cupcakes and awesome party games of course.

Also…I am in love with kraft paper right now…so this party incorporating so much of the natural wood and kraft paper into the design to give it that outdoorsy feel.  Lovin’ it!!

Crocodile Party Decorations

Decorating a crocodile party is as easy as greenery and kraft paper!  Channel your inner swamp with some fun and simple rustic feeling decorations.  Let’s talk about all the details in this fantastic party.

This party uses my fun CROCODILE PRINTABLES.  These can be found at the bottom of this post!

The kraft gable boxes are the perfect boxes for holding treats or favors. They can easily be filled with crocodile favors or delicious cookies!

Simple green balloons can turn an ordinary party table into a fabulous jungle.  Don’t they kind of feel like trees?

Mixing in green plants can also give your party more of that swampy feel that is so perfectly crocodile (or alligator…we don’t discriminate!)

crocodile party printables

The drink bottles were wrapped with simple burlap print card stock.  Isn’t it such a fun way to turn an ordinary drink into a themed drink.  These would be perfect filled with green punch or lemonade.

I love the tissue tassel banner look too.  It’s such a fun and easy way to add a little pizzazz to any party.  AWESOME!!  This tissue garland is a simple DIY with some tissue paper, but if you are short on time, you can also grab a similar banner from amazon.

Crocodile Party Food Ideas

To really style an impressive alligator themed party…you’ll need some yummy treats.  Sometimes the best way to go about party treats is to have 1-2 “fancier” treats and then a few dressed up simple treats. 

Staying on budget with a children’s birthday party is simple if you know where to splurge and where to save!

These simple cupcakes are the perfect example.  Using simple homemade (or store bought) cupcakes, you can create a delicious treat with small embellishments.  These cupcakes were dressed up with cupcake toppers from the printable package and some adorable cupcake liners.

Another clever, easy and inexpensive idea…food that is delicious and easy to make or buy, like caramel corn that just so happens to match the party PERFECTLY.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Of course…then there are these fantastic cookies.  These are a great cookies to compliment this theme.  If you are baking, I recommend using our basic cut out sugar cookie recipe and this crocodile cookie cutter.

If you prefer not to bake cookies yourself, you can buy some cute crocodile cookies from Country Side Cakes.

Adding a little more color to the food selection is some yummy green rock candy.  Simple and inexpensive option that kids will adore!

Crocodile Favors + Activities

Finally, a crocodile party is not complete without some fun favors or activities.  Here is a great option for a craft.  You can have the kids make their own crocodiles.  On top of the fun of creating a swampy friend, it also makes for awesome photos, right!

I love, love, love this accordion style crocodile.  Tic Toc Croc was always one of my favorite characters from Peter Pan growing up, and now having kids excited about him again…love it.  Too cute!

Also, setting up a fun Photo Booth with cute little photo props is great fun for kiddos!  If you ARE planning a Peter Pan-esque Crocodile bash…even pirate photo props would be fun!

crocodile party photo booth

The little shirt is the perfect touch for these fun photo booth style pictures. 

Here is the simple birthday cake that definitely put a smile on this little sweetheart’s face.

Yeah, so…these cookies are perfection.  Love them!!!

Crocodile Party Supplies

Looking for more Crocodile party supplies and ways to serve food and decorate your party?

Here are some fun decor and supplies ideas:

Alligator Platters

Crocodile Piñata

Jungle themed Decorations

Wooden Tableware 

Conclusion for Crocodile Birthday Party:

Whew…that was a lot of fun Crocodile inspiration! With tons of fun crocodile ideas and a fun rustic feel, this party is must see if you have a little guy who loves big scaly crocs!  From kraft decorations to fun, festive greenery…there are plenty of ideas for how to turn an ordinary party into a swamp-themed wonderland.  Budget-friendly and creative…you will not be let down!


Happy Birthday Romain!!

Crocodile Tableware

Here is a great set of Crocodile themed tableware from Amazon to help you feed your hungry little crocs!

Crocodile Plates and Piñatas from Meri Meri

Crocodile Cups from Oriental Trading

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