Simple gifts every teacher really wants for their classroom!

Looking for some awesome teacher must haves and supplies for the classroom?  Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher, there are some things you just gotta have for back to school!! 

I’m sharing some back to school must haves and classroom supplies for teachers.  Looking for the perfect teacher gift?  Be sure to check out these back to school hacks, free printables for teachers, and school lunch ideas.


Going back to school can be stressful for teachers and magical for parents!! There are so many things that need to be done to go back to school.  Teachers have classrooms to set up and lesson plans to create. 

Having been a teacher for several years, I know first hand the crazy amount of things that must be done.  There are also so many classroom supplies for teachers to buy!!

Part of planning and going back to school is the classroom supplies.  As parents we are all too familiar with the supplies lists we get for back to school shopping. 

Classroom Must-Haves for Awesome Teachers

Teachers have supply lists too.  Many teacher I know spend out of pocket on their classrooms ALL. THE. TIME.  Just saying.

I have some must have classroom supplies for teachers to share today.  When you think of classroom supplies you probably think of pencils and paper and crayons, etc. 

This list, however, isn’t going to focus on the basic supplies for a classroom.  Nope.  We are all about those extra things that make teachers smile.

So without further ado, here are my not so obvious must have classroom supplies for teachers:


We are Learning Here Sign from Beguima Studio

Every classroom needs some humor.  If your classroom is spic and span all of the time, learning isn’t happening as freely as it should.  Embrace the mess with this humorous sign. 

Let classroom visitors know you are making a mess and frankly, you are proud of it!  Check out other funny classroom signs as well.


Birthday Chart from Lillou Handmade

Birthdays are kinda a big deal.  You have 20-150 students a day depending on your grade and district.  Keep track of them all with this adorable birthday sign.  It comes with reusable clothes pins in pretty colors. 

You will love displaying this as much as they love it when you remember their special days. 

Bonus…if you are shopping for a teacher, this makes a GREAT back to school teacher gift or teacher appreciation present!!!  This is definitely one of the  classroom supplies for teachers to not miss!


Teacher Planner from Erin Condren

Hands down the best and CUTEST planner out there.  Staying organized is so important, but what fun is organization if it can’t be pretty?? 

This planner has so many personalized and adorable details and there are so many extras to make lesson planning and classroom data a breeze!!!  You will love this planner, I promise!!  Erin Condren also has tons of back to school goodies for teacher and students

If you aren’t a teacher, or just a teacher who craves organization in all areas of life (girl, I feel you!!!) check out the Erin Condren Life Planners….they are Ah-Maze-ing!! 

If you are shopping for a teacher who already loves and uses the Teacher Planner, a great gift idea to enhance the planner experience is the Sticker subscription.  With this option, you can pay once, and your favorite teacher will get some amazing stickers sent to them 4 times throughout the year!

****Also…if you have never purchased from Erin Condren before use this link to grab $10 off your first purchase!!***


Morning Routine from The Colorful Apple

Routine. routine. Routine.  Pick a routine, Post the routine.  Stick to the routine.  This is the bare bones of classroom management.  You gotta.  You just gotta. 

These morning routine suggestions from the Colorful Apple are killer.  Kick start your year with a cute morning routine display!

Teacher Name Sign from Little Haven Co.

Every teacher needs a pretty name sign.  If you are shopping for your favorite teacher or looking to spruce up your own classroom, this pretty hand written sign will work with any classroom decor and be absolutely adorable on your wall or on your desk. 

This is a FANTASTIC teacher gift idea as well.  Check out our other teacher gift ideas for more inspiration.


Giving Tree Wish List from Around the Kampfire

Feel awkward asking parents to bring in classroom supplies?  Feel like your classroom supplies requests are missed when you send them home? 

Try making this Adorable giving tree for your classroom needs and put it out at the beginning of the year and at your school’s open house.  This is clever and a great way to get parents attention with your classroom needs without being pushy!!


Printable Name Tags from Bullie Belle

Let’s face it…you won’t remember all their names at first.  You NEED some name tags.  If you are going to need to use them, they might as well be adorable.  These name tags are printable, editable and adorable.  You can personalize their desks, make a seating chart AND remember who is who in one swoop!!!  Winning!!


Mason Jar Organization from Smart Schoolhouse

There are tons of classroom organization ideas out there, but none I’ve seen are as cute and these mason jars.  Firstly, they make it easy to SEE what is in the jars. 

Secondly, they are unique and fun for the kids to use.  The chalkboard labels make it easy to organize and swtich up as supplies run low.  The clear nature of the jars also helps to let you know when it is time to refill.


Looking for the perfect teacher gift?  Be sure to check out these back to school hacks, free printables for teachers, and school lunch ideas.


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