Organized Life: Free Clothes Stickers.  Today I’m sharing some free stickers to help keep your kids clothes organized.  Check out all of our FREE Printables on the FREEBIES page!Clothes Stickers Pic

Hello, my name is Holly and I am an addict.  I’m addicted to adorable little kid clothing.  Seriously…I love buying, making, and coordinating little outfits for my girls.  It’s true…and they may or may not (definitely do) have way way too many clothes!

The downside to soooo having tons of little outfits, is eventually they out grow them and you are stuck in that awkward place of not being sure whether you should sell them, give them away or keep them…

So I HAVE given a bunch away, but I’ve also kept a bunch too (just in case we aren’t “done” with little girls) and also….some of them are just special and I want to keep them forever. So the question is..what to do with them all?


Sometimes you just need to be organized, right.  Or in my case, reorganized for the 5th time:)  Recently, when I was going through the bins of clothes my little girls have outgrown pulling out some hand-me 0downs for my sweet baby niece…I decided it was time to reorganize and label my clothes bins!  And since I love you all, I thought I’d share the stickers I made with you (I mean just in case you want to go on a re-organization spree too!) IMG_5990

They come in a fun rainbow color scheme and  can be used individually, or you can put multiple on a bin if you have more than one size in there.  It is a total time saver though, when it comes to pulling out clothes!IMG_5989

Here are the stickers to download.  You can click on the pictures for the JPEG version or the link below for the PDF version.

Clothes stickers-rainbow1 Clothes stickers-rainbow2Download the FREE Clothes Sorting Stickers.

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