Ideas for foods to serve at a Bluey Themed Party

If you are planning a Bluey themed party for your little pup, you will love these Bluey cakes and cupcakes and food ideas.  There is nothing better to set the mood for your party than some adorable Bluey themed cookies or food to tie your theme all together.  Let’s check out these ideas…

Once you have settled on all your favorite Bluey themed party decorations…it’s time to start talking food. The food you serve at a party can really set the difference between a good party and an amazing party.  With fun themed treats and special details, you can have your guests talking about your party for months to come…

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 Some of the cutest and most clever food ideas are actually quite simple too.  Here I have some of the cutest, craziest, and most clever Bluey party food ideas for you to try…

Bluey Party Food

Let’s kick this party off with some fun food ideas. Not all party food have to be cookies or cakes. These fun food ideas will definitely NOT disappoint!


Bluey Candy Board from Cutefetti

Here is fun an easy Bluey party food idea. Why not set up a candy board in blue that the kiddos can graze from.  Easy to do and delicious too!


Bluey Puppy Chow from Just Add Confetti

Another fun and easy (and SUPER CLEVER) Bluey party food idea is blue puppy chow.  This is perfectly themed and an easy, inexpensive treat!


Fondant Bluey from Please Cakery

Hello, gorgeous.  This little lady is perfect and would be great on a cake, as a decoration or just all by herself. LOVE IT.


Bluey Themed Sprinkles from Color Me Sprinkles

You can’t go wrong with some Bluey sprinkles. This set would be a great addition to cupcakes or brownies or really anything that needs a punch of color.


Bluey Party Cakes

Now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite party treat…the CAKE!  These Bluey themed cake ideas are gorgeous. I know you will love them!

Bluey and Bingo Cake from

This layer cake is fantastic.  I love the details and how it grabs each character so well.  Perfection in fondant!


Bluey Cake from Sweet Mama Cakes

This sweet Bluey cake is almost too adorable to eat!  I love the balloons too…what a special touch!!

Bluey Cake from The Loaded Crumb

Cake and macarons? What’s not to love with this fun cake?


Bluey Letter B Cake from Sweet Cakes

Here is a sweet and very girly Bluey cake idea. It’s so fancy!


Bluey Cake from Sweet Love

Here is another fun, treat topped cake!  I think Bingo would love this one!

Bluey Cake from Cake it Easy

How fun is this little cake?  I love the simplicity!


Bluey Figure Cake from A Little Extra Sweet

Another fondant masterpiece with this cake. The details are perfect!


Bluey Cookies + Cupcakes

Alright…my personal favorite part of every party is the cookies!  Let’s check out these fun cookie and cake ideas that are sure to please!!  

Bluey and Bingo Cookies from Mimi’s Dollhouse

These fun and super easy sugar cookies are the perfect addition to any Bluey themed party!  I know you will love making these cookies!

Bluey Biscuits (Bluey Cookies) from

These biscuits are soooo adorable.  I want to have some of these for my birthday!


Bluey and Bingo Cookies from For the Love Of Sugar

How adorable are these little fondant embossed cookies?


Bluey Cakepops from The Best Ideas for Kids

Not all treats have to be complicated.  These little cake pops are simple and perfect!


Bluey Cookies from Sugar and Swank

These beautiful cookies would be perfect for this Bluey party theme!  Love them!


Bluey Cookies from Cake Love and Cookies

These might be the cutest of all.  The watercolor detail is perfection!!


Bluey Cookies from One Sweet Shop

There is nothing quite like the perfect royal iced cookies!  Happy birthday Bluey and Bingo style.


Bluey and Bingo Cookie Stamps from Boss Embossers

Here are great tools for making Bluey cookies from home.  These stamp embossers are perfect for making your own adorable cookies!



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Conclusion for Bluey Cookies + Cakes:

I’m sure you will flip over these amazing Bluey party cake, cookies, cupcakes and desserts.  If you are planning a Bluey themed birthday, you can’t afford to miss these fantastic ideas.  Whether you are buying or baking…we have the ideas for you!


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