Summer Pool Party Ideas: Splish Splash Bash. Dive into the fun with some Summer Pool Party ideas. What’s better for summer than some fun in the pool? Be sure to check out all of our Pool Party Ideas as well as all our Beach Party Ideas and Under the Sea Ideas.

So we recently moved back to Las Vegas from Kentucky and I MISS the weather!!!  Today it is 113 and that is HOT!  The nice thing about hot, however, is that it means swimming time.  Since I’m craving the pool, I thought it was a great day to share another AMAZING pool party.  This summer pool party was styled by Marquita from Painted Cookies and was inspired by this schools out for summer party.

I love all the details!!!  Check it out here:I absolutely love the rice crispy ice cream cones…adorable!!  These are easy to recreate.  Simply make rice crispies as normal, use a ice cream cone cookie cutter to cut out the ice cream cone shape, Stick a lollipop stick in the end, dip in colored chocolate candy melts and sprinkle with sprinkles.  Easy peasy!!

The food looks soo yummy!!  I really love the incorporation of healthy snacks…

I think its a common misconception that a party HAS to be full of sweets and unhealthy things to eat.  I like to have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food.  This gives guests options, opens up the menu for dietary restrictions and helps keep the kiddos eating healthy food.  The “healthy” stuff does not need to be boring, though.   For example, by using a round sectional serving tray, you can arrange fruits or vegetables to look like a beach ball!  

Another summer pool party idea, like the picture below, is to cut water melon into triangles and place on popsicle sticks…so they are fun to eat AND good for you!
Another fun sweet treat idea is the snow cone cupcake.  These are super easy to make.  Ckae cupcakes as usual and place into nut cups.  Lightly frost the top of the cupcakes with a later of white frosting and cover the frosting with colored sanding sugar.  Add a straw and you are set!!

Oyster cookies, anyone??  Aren’t these super cute???

What is a summer pool party without some water balloons?  Need some water party game inspiration?  Check out these under the sea party ideas!

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