How to host an online baby shower…

Celebrating the birth of a new baby is always worth a party, but sometimes having an in person party is not possible.  Have you considered throwing a virtual baby shower? 

It’s a newer idea that is growing in popularity and is perfect for those special times when getting everyone together in the same place just can’t happen!

Baby Showers are a big deal.  We see A LOT of baby shower ideas and themes and beautiful decorations over here!  From picking the baby shower right theme to selecting the perfect baby shower present, there is quite a bit of care and concern that goes into a baby shower. 

Virtual options are becoming popular for so many things traditionally done in person.  For example, did you know you could take prenatal classes online? This is a great option if you are unable to attend them in person!

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Why throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Sometimes, circumstances make having an in person baby shower impossible (or at the least, very difficult). If you are considering a virtual baby shower, you might be concerned about what people will think.

Be honest about why you are hosting a virtual baby shower

One of the concerns you might have about throwing an online baby shower is that guests might be put out that it isn’t “traditional”. 

While you definitely don’t want to be seen as tacky or have the etiquette police raining all over the special mom’s big day, there are legitimate reasons for NEEDING to hold your baby shower this way.

Just be upfront with your guests about WHY you are choosing a virtual baby shower.  Most people should be understanding and willing to accommodate! 

Here are some common reasons to consider a virtual baby shower:

Bedrest: One real reason is bedrest.  I can tell you from experience that being on bedrest during your pregnancy really stinks.  It’s such a hard way to spend weeks or months when you want to be prepping for your baby, seeing your friends and family and having life as normal.  

If the mama to be is on bedrest and honestly can’t attend a shower or doesn’t want to have tons of people hanging out in her bedroom that she frankly can’t clean because….hello, bedrest, it may be a relief to her to have a shower done this way.  

Military Assignment or Recently Moved: If you are voluntarily or because of a work assignment away from everyone who cares about you, this shouldn’t mean you don’t get honored with a baby shower. 

Sometimes timing isn’t in your favor and hosting a shower remotely means you still get to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you.

Illness and extenuating medical circumstances: If there are reasons you can not be around other people due to immunity or illness, a virtual shower is a great way to still see faces and celebrate a new baby without risking either mama or baby’s health.


How to set-up a Virtual Baby Shower

Here are some simple steps to setting up a virtual baby shower.  The process of putting together a shower online can be more difficult that hosting an in person shower and it might seem like a lot to consider. 

Breaking it down into manageable steps will help!


Since your baby shower is online, it makes sense to have virtual invitations too! 

One option is to download digital invitations.   Minted has a fabulous selection of digital invite options for a baby shower.  

Another option is to set up a Facebook invitation.  This is especially good if you are planning to host your party on Facebook.  

You can also grab a digital invitation from somewhere like Etsy and send it out via text or email.  These invites can also be used as the photo for a Facebook party page.

Creating the Guest List

Keep it small and intimate.  If you get too many people in on a virtual shower, it can feel overwhelming.  You also run the risk of making guests feel like they aren’t involved.  

An option to consider if there are lots of people is different areas, would be to split the shower up into time frames so smaller groups of guests “attend” at a time, giving them more interaction with the mama-to-be and less gift opening to sit through.

Where Online is it Going to be Hosted (Venue)

Consider where the “hosting” of the shower will be.  If most guests live in the same area and can get together, you could “host” the party there and skype or zoom with the mama.  If everyone is remote, the hosting can be at the mama to be’s home. Another great option is using WebBabyShower.

As long as she has a laptop, tablet or phone that she can use to comfortably sit and interact…locations are completely variable.

If you have older guests attending the shower, it’s a good idea to try the online platform you are using ahead of time so grandma doesn’t miss out on the day of!


If you are the one hosting the shower, consider sending the guest of honor some things ahead of time to make her portion of the baby shower as simple as possible. 

Ideas to include are:

  • Simple decorations. Here is a simple Baby Shower idea from Amazon that can be mailed directly.
  • If there will be some guests at the mama-to-be’s location, provide her with plates, napkins, etc.  
  • Contact a bakery local to the mama and order her some cupcakes or cookies.  Even if she’s celebrating alone, cupcakes are a great treat for a pregnant lady!




You will need to think a little outside of the traditional baby shower game box with a virtual shower.  Games like tasting the baby food and guessing the flavor aren’t going to work online.  I know I can feel you disappointment!

Games that would work well for this kind of party are the thinking and question style games.  hAving questionaries emailed out to guest ahead of the party asking them questions about the mama to be or having them text in their best baby advice can be great options.


Tips for a Successful Virtual Baby Shower

Ensuring that your party is a hit is important no matter what your setup or venue ends up being.  Here are some tips for throwing successful virtual baby shower:


Keep it simple

Especially if the mama-to-be is going to need to help with the decorating on her end, keep the theme, decor and games simple.  While a virtual baby shower can still be a super festive time, it doesn’t need to be an over the top celebration that includes tons of decor and food. 

Sending a simple baby shower banner to hang behind the guest of honor or some fresh flowers that can be set next to her while she is opening gifts can set a tone and give her a nice treat without being too much.

Give your guests something to do during the shower

Remember the point of a baby shower, whether virtual or in person is to honor the mother and celebrate the birth with people she loves.  It’s not just all about gifts.  Guests should feel included in the shower and like they’re contributing to the celebration.  They should not feel like they were supposed to just send a gift and be done.

This is best accomplished by having interactive games and making sure that conversation and chatting are happening between party guests and the mama-to-be.  Having a live facebook feed is a great idea.  or even setting up a zoom chat room.  

These ideas are still private, but allow talking back and forth and interaction.


How to handle Presents and Online Registry Options

In today’s day and age…having an online registry has really become the standard and not the exception anyway.  This is even more important for a virtual baby shower.

Here are the top options for setting up an online baby shower registry:

Amazon: Setting up an Amazon Baby Registry is honestly the simplest and most inclusive registry option.  It’s also the easiest for people to navigate and they will ship presents directly to the registrant’s home with a gift note letting them know who the gift is from.  There are also gift wrapping options available. 

Amazon also sends out a free welcome box to new moms.

Target: A Target Baby Registry option is also great for finding the perfect items you need for baby.  Like Amazon, they also offer a welcome gift full of freebies to new moms when they register.

Babylist: Babylist is a fun and user friendly baby registry option that allows you to maintain one list for multiple online stores.  I recommend still registering at the individual stores above and then syncing your registries to babylist so you can still get the free benefits each store offers!

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When it comes to opening presents during the party, it’s important to make it an activity where guests feel appreciated and thanked for their gifts, even if they are being opened from afar.  Focus on the giver and be appreciative! 

How to not be “tacky” with your virtual baby shower.

No one wants to be thought of as tacky…especially on their special day! I read an article on Women’s Day about how tacky this virtual baby shower invite was.  Don’t do that!

Keep the focus on celebration and not on the gift getting.  Let people know that you are genuinely wanting to celebrate together and NOT just get gifts.  It’s really the perception of a “gift grab” that makes people feel like the event is tacky. 

Don’t forget the thank you cards!

This is the biggest way to help avoiding tackiness is to ensure that you send thank you cards.  Thank you cards, particularly handwritten thank you cards are a great way to show appreciation for gifts.  It takes a little time to do, but it really is a process that shows guests you are grateful.

Here are some helpful links for throwing a virtual baby shower:


Conclusion for Hosting an Online Baby Shower:

If you are in a position to need to not hold a baby shower in person, a virtual baby shower is an option that is growing in popularity.  Whatever the reason you need to keep your baby shower online, you can still have a wonderful shower experience with your friends and loved ones via the internet!


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