Virtual ways to celebrate a birthday

Looking for some fun ways to celebrate a birthday while you are social distancing?  Why not throw a virtual birthday party?  No one wants to skip a celebration this year. 

Even if you can’t get together in person, you can still celebrate a birthday with online options!

Ok…so if you have a birthday right about now…quarantine sucks!  I mean, it’s not fun for anyone…but it’s especially not fun if you were planning a birthday party.  Nobody wants to see their little one miss out on a celebration!  

There are lots of alternatives to celebrating a birthday party.  These ideas are super fun and could be a great way to turn a bummer around.  Another amazing idea we love that is gaining popularity is to host an online birthday party…

Ready to see how much fun this can be?

Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Getting a fun virtual birthday party set up is definitely not as hard as it sounds.  The key to pulling it off is to keep it light and fun.  Also remember the focus is on making that little birthday boy or girl feel totally amazing. 

Gifts, decorations, and interactions should focus on celebrating the “guest of honor”!

Alright…let’s talk about some of the ways to celebrate a birthday the unconventional online way….


Have your “Guests” Send a card

An easy way to make a virtual birthday gesture is to have friends and family send cards.  These cards can be the good old fashioned in the mail cards like this adorable one below from Minted.  You can also have them do e-cards.  

A fun tip with cards is to save them until the party.  Grab them from the mail as they come in and give them to the birthday kid all at once!  You can even put all the cards in a box to have them open up!

This would be great for opening on camera too!


Host a Virtual Birthday Party 

Hosting a virtual party is actually a lot simpler than it might seem.  First thing you need is a platform.  Two great options for this are Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Once you have your platform picked out, send out little birthday boxes with items each guest can use in their own home to celebrate with your.  These invite supplies boxes from Oh Happy Day are a great option for this.

The items you send out do not have to be complicated or expensive.  They can be simple party favors and noise makers that can be used to virtually wish the birthday kiddo a special day together online.


Have Gifts Delivered to your Doorstep

Encourage gift givers (we are talking to you Grandma!!) to send gifts to your home.  You can have them look to Amazon’s Top Gifts for inspiration or even make an Amazon Wishlist.

Other great gift options for kids (especially kids stuck at home):

Having gifts delivered is also a great way to double upon the excitement.  Getting a package at the door and then getting to open it during their party!

Host a Netflix Party

Ok…did you know you could watch a movie on Netflix with people at other locations? Hosting a Netflix party is a fun way to be interactive with your far away friends while enjoying your little guy or gal’s favorite flick! 

If you want to theme your party to match the movie of your choice, you can even encourage your virtual guests to dress up like a character from the movie and text their pictures.  It’s a fun keepsake you can put together for your child.


Send a Dessert to your Guests

There are many local and online bakeries that will do fun little cookies or desserts in a box.  Since you can’t serve sweet treats in person, you can send something like these cookies in a box from Petite Sun Bakery to your guests to enjoy.

These also make fun gifts to send to the birthday kid!  Either way…someone needs to enjoy these delicious cookies!


Birthday Drive By Parade

You can still have a little in person action, even if your social distancing, with a drive by birthday parade!  This works one of two ways.

Option 1: Have your guests drive to you.  Set up your little birthday kid with some balloons on your front porch or driveway and have friends drive by and wave and sing and shout their Happy Birthdays.  

Option 2: Have your friends set up in front of their homes with signs and decorations at a specific time so you and your kiddo can drive by and have fun birthday wishes all over town!

Send a Birthday Party in a Box

This fun birthday kit in a box from Laura Adams Creative is a fun way to say Happy Birthday from a far.  This would be a wonderful gift to send to a sweet little one to make their special day amazing. Here are more options for ready made party in a boxes you can purchase.

You can also create a party in a box by combining his or her favorite things.  Personalizing a fun box would be fun to put together and extra fun to receive!


Coordinating Postcards Poster

This adorable idea from Oh Happy Day is a super fun surprise to receive.  Each guest can write a fun note to the birthday girl or guy and when they are received, they go together into a fun birthday themed poster.

This would be awesome to receive.  As each postcard comes, they can be added, until their is an entire birthday message from all their bestest friends!!

Create a Birthday Wish Video

Putting together a birthday montage is a great way to virtually say Happy Birthday.  Ahead of time, have your “guests” record a fun message and splice them together to make a video that you can watch together during the party! 

Wouldn’t that be a great way to finish out a fun virtual party?

Hopefully these ideas have given you some great options for keeping a celebration alive, even in the midst of all the uncertainty and social distancing.  Whatever you pick…make that day super special!

Here are some helpful links for virtual birthday gifts:


Conclusion for How to host a virtual birthday party:

Even if you were planning on an EPIC birthday bash, you can still host a fun virtual party with your friends and family in spite of distance.  These awesome ideas for a virtual birthday party will help you to create a fun and memorable party no matter the obstacles!


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