Have you ever noticed that firemen are all super hot???  I have!  I used to be a teacher.  Once a month, the fire department would show up to run a fire drill (more frequently if one of our darling students decided to set off the fire alarm).  The best part about fire drills…yep, you guessed it…the firemen.  Maybe its the uniform.  Maybe its the hero status.  Most likely, its the rippling biceps and other nicely toned errr…anatomy.

Moment of silent reflection.

Yep….that’s got to be it.

I’m a fan of firemen.  Not only do they save little children from burning buildings and cats from trees, but they are great inspiration to little boys everywhere and make for AMAZING parties.

(Disclaimer: I do not know if fireman actually save cats from trees.  I have never seen a cat in a tree or anyone saving one.  I’m sure that someone saves cats from trees or it wouldn’t be one of those things you say.  Also I am sure that if a fireman saw a cat in a tree he would save it because fireman are that awesome.  Like superman, but without the cape.)

So here’s to firemen and little boys who want to be firemen and moms who want to throw fireman parties.

All kidding aside, though….what is cooler than a party at a fire station or having your local firemen bring a real life firetruck to your party to let the kiddies take a tour and of course turn on the siren? Not much.

I have put together some super cute and easy firetruck party ideas to help ya’ll take your firetruck parties to the next level…check it out:Fire Pin Pic

This has got to be one of my favorite party themes. I need to find a little boy to throw one for:)

The Printable Fireman Party Package is available for purchase in my shop: