Easter: Easter Desserts and Easy Easter Treat Ideas. The best part of Easter celebrations?  The delicious Easter Treats of course.  Keep reading…I have some super cute and yummy Easter dessert ideas to share. Be sure to check out all our Easter Party Ideas and Inspiration.

Woo…we have had a whirlwind of a week. Fun in Disney, a trip to the zoo…I’m tired and I need a vacation from my vacation!!!  My girls had a blast.  Here’s a little pic of them at the zoo: 261233_10200660825981487_1142413738_n

They LOVE animals.  It’s super fun to watch them freaking out and getting excited.  My 2 year old loves….LOOOOVES…monkeys.  All of them.  Every monkey we passed, she wanted to touch.  The Phoenix Zoo has a monkey exhibit that allows you to walk through the monkeys while they jump and climb around you.  I seriously think she was plotting a way to put one in her pocket and take it home.  The funniest moment, however was when she got upset because the “boo-boo” (baboon) wouldn’t waive back at her when she waived at it.  She gets very worked up about people (and apparently monkeys) that do not waive back:)

With all the out of town, and my Easter obligations at home, I found myself needing some easy, quick and adorable Easter treat ideas perfect for an Easter Themed Party.  Of course, I had to share what I found!!

1) Rice Crispy Eggs from SheKnows

These are some of the most clever and oh so easy Easter desserts.  I love that they are a fun play on the plastic eggs with candy inside, but a fun edible egg instead!  Yes! Yes! Yes!hollow-cereal-bar-easter-eggs-main

2) Peeps S’mores from Country Living

Is it just me or does the rainbow peep s’more plate just look absolutely perfect??  I think this is such a fun and gorgeous Easter treat!! Yes, please!

3) Cadbury Layer Cake from the Gunnysack

Hello, gorgeous…can I get some pretty layer cake please…like right now, in my mouth!!  I love how the Cadbury eggs make such a perfect decoration to this easy Easter dessert cake!!

4) Little Chick Oreo Pops from HowDoesShe

Does it get any cuter than this?  I think not!!  I love the little chick faces and they are OREOS…who doesn’t love Oreos??  I know these will be a hit with the kiddos!!Easter-Oreo-Cookie-Suckers

5) Bunny Butt Cupcakes from Spend with Pennies

My little girl giggles every time she sees these cute little bunny butts!!!  These are guaranteed to be a hit at your party!

6) No Bake Mini-Cheesecakes from Sugar Hero

Who else is a fan of no-bake Easter desert options?  I know I am!!!  There are beautiful and so spring-a-licious!!

7)  Easter Chick Cupcakes from the Simple Sweet Life

I love me some little chickens!  They are such cute little babies!  These cupcakes would be awesome for an Easter party (and also for a farm party!  Just saying!!!)

8)  Bunny Cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake

You have your bunny butts…how about some cutie patootie bunny ears.  Aren’t these adorable???  LOVE!!

9) Lamb Cake from Handmade Charlotte

Mary had a little Lamb cake?  Ok, maybe not…but this cake is flippin’ AWESOME!  I love the details and how adorable it is!

10) Baby Chick Macarons from Bento Monsters

Ok…just one more cute little chicken!  These sweet little chick macarons are too, too cute!  Macarons are one of my favorite party treats…and these are perfection!!!

11) Bunny Cookies from Cadillac Cookies

One of my favorite party treat idea is using cookie cutters that have nothing to do with the object you are making…like these hearts…and turning them into adorable cookies.  These bunny cookies are spectacular….a personal favorite for me!!!

Hope you loved these adorable Easter desserts and easy Easter Treat ideas.  Be sure to check out all our Easter Party Ideas and check out our FREE Easter Cupcake Toppers!!