Carrot Crafts and Dessert Ideas just in time for Easter!

With all the talk of Easter bunnies, we can’t forget to celebrate every bunny’s favorite food!  Let’s craft with Easter carrot decor.  There are so many amazing carrot crafts and delicious carrot themed desserts you can make to create an amazing carrot filled party, or even just accent your Easter table. 

Check out all the orange-y goodness!

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The best part about using something like a carrot to decorate for Easter is the break from pastel normalcy.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the pastels for Easter!  Sometimes though, having a little orange and green carrot theme just stands out in all the right ways!

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 I love the freshness of the colors and how it isn’t all your typical pastel Easter party. There is something just so fun about cute little carrots and a garden!! 

Maybe I’m just quirky like that.  I knew I had to share some of my favorite Carrot Party ideas.  I also have a fun carrot themed party full of fun carrot treats and decor ideas to share!

These are perfect whether you are throwing an Easter Party or a Spring birthday.  Check it out…

Carrot Decorations + Crafts

Dressing up a party with some adorable Easter carrot decor is such a great way to decorate for Easter.  These simple carrot crafts are so much fun and give just the right amount of pop! 

Check them out…

Felt Carrot Garland from Positively Splendid

This awesome little tutorial is easy to follow and oh so cute when it’s done.  Love it!!



Carrot Garland from Little Maisie

This garland is precious…and if do-it-YOURSELF isn’t your jam, this one come made for you!!!  I love the burlap!!

Carrot Party Ideas


Carrot Play dough from Made to be a Momma

This is as practical as it is clever.  this Carrot play dough would make a great party favor too!! I’m sure it would be a huge hit with the kids!



Big Carrot Eraser from Panda Q Stationary

These would be perfect for Easter baskets or party favors….those adorable little happy faces are too, too cute!

Carrot Party Ideas


Carrot Desserts

Add some deliciousness to your decor with some yummy carrot themed desserts.  Whether you want to bake with carrot or bake something to look like carrots, we have some awesome ideas for you to try!

Ready to check them out?


Carrot Cake Pops from Bakerella

Ok, so are these not the cutest little cakepops you’ve ever seen??  I think so!!  I love the little faces! Too, too cute.



Carrot Cookies from Baked Lovely

I love me some custom cookies.  Confession…this is where I usually splurge when it comes to parties.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE adorable cookies and am secretly jealous of all cookie designers!!!  These would be adorable on a carrot dessert table or as a plate centerpiece/name tag!!!

Carrot Party Ideas


Mini Carrot Cakes from Women’s Day

First off, let me say…yummy!  Secondly, aren’t they cute??  These little mini cakes would be easy to make and definitely a hit for Easter.



Sparkling Carrot Cupcakes from Hostess with the Mostess

And of course, what could be better than cupcakes made to look like carrots.  Fantastic, I love it!!



Veggie Carrot Bars from Garnish and Glaze

Throwing a garden party?  Party treats don’t have to be sweets.  These veggie bars are a perfect healthy option!


Starburst Carrots from Shaken Together Life

Yeah..I love me some starburst….really ANY excuse to use starburst is a-ok in my book, so these would be on the list even if they weren’t the cutest ever…but they are the cutest ever!!

Woo…I never knew carrots could be so sweet!  Are you loving these ideas too??  Comment below with your favorite!!!

Here are some helpful links for throwing a carrot party:


Looking for some fun Carrot themed party supplies?

Check out these easy options:

Carrot Balloons from Sweet Lulu 

Surprise Ball Carrots from Sweet Lulu

Carrot Napkins from Sweet Lulu 

Easter Carrot Party Ideas

Alright…we have some cute Carrot Printables that make a fun Easter party.  This is a great way to say Happy Easter. There is nothing quite as cute as celebrating Easter with some yummy bunny carrots!!! 

Check out this fun twist on a classic Easter party!


Carrot Party Pic

Holiday parties are oh so fun…but sometimes its easy to get into the traditional rut.  When I started brainstorming ideas for our Easter party…I definitely wanted to steer clear of the typical bunny motif.  I wanted something a little different (and definitely not pastel!!)  


I started thinking about the cute little Easter bunny.  He hippity hops his way into your yard leaving behind his sweet little eggs all the while searching for something sweet to eat.  And what does Mr. Easter Bunny think is sweet?  Carrots of course!!


For this carrot themed Easter party I used bold orange dots and bright green stripes.  It was fun and perfect for a little grassy garden party.  Check it out…


To make the little buckets for the orange chocolate covered strawberries, I found little orange pails, put a small piece of floral foam in the bottom and used a piece of fake grass to make the top of the carrots.  We also served little shot glasses with ranch and veggie sticks for our little hungry bunnies to munch on.




I used Orange Shimmer Sixlets Candy and Green Candy Beads and Clear Gumball Tubes to make cute little carrot favor tubes.  These cute little marshmallow carrots were perfect on yummy snickerdoodles.



The amazing carrot fondant from Edible Details was perfect in the “dirt” (ok, chocolate) cupcakes, too.  I used scrapbook paper to make fun carrot shaped popcorn cones.


These treat cones were super easy to make.  I rolled orange scrapbook paper into a cone and used hot glue to secure.  Then I cute carrot tops out of green paper and glued to the back of the top. 

Glue on some 2 inch circles from our carrot party package and instant cones for popcorn or candy.


The orange and white striped dresses came from Crazy 8 and were the perfect match for this party design!!  I also  duel wrapped green silverware in orange and green napkins to look like carrots.  The orange Jones Sodas fit perfectly in the water bottle wraps as well!!






And of course…some yummy carrot juice!!  The backdrop was made from various shaped green and orange paper fans.IMG_8260



So we live in the dessert where the palm trees grow (i.e. are transplanted to).  I wrapped my palm trees in orange streamers for a quick and super inexpensive party decor tie in to compliment the party theme and add some fun to the Easter egg hunt!  Giant carrot anyone??




Yummy carrot shaped cookies were a hit.  I also filled orange plastic wraps with gold fish crackers and rolled them up with a little green tissue paper for carrot treats…






Happy, Happy Easter!!

Vendor Credits:

Party Styling, Printable Paper Goods, and Photography: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Carrot Cupcake Toppers: Edible Details

Carrot Cookies: Sunshine Bakes

Gourmet Popcorn: Popped 

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Conclusion for Easter Carrot Decor Ideas:

When it comes to setting up an Easter party…there are so many fun ideas you can use.  Some of the best are carrot decor ideas.  These carrot desserts and carrot party trends are fun and simple and give a little extra awesome to your holiday!

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